Section 179 for Technology

Section 179 for Technology is U.S. Tax Code Congress enacted to increase tax relief for smaller businesses. This law allows companies to offset the prices of new equipment or the replacing of older equipment. Section 179 for Technology is any small business’ best chance to upgrade or replace both hardware and software, as both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 are reaching the end of their life cycles.

Basics of Section 179 for Technology

Section 179 for Technology counters the depreciating cost of computer hardware and software. Businesses can deduct the entire purchase price of equipment from the year it was purchased, resulting in significant savings. Even hardware, software, and phone systems from purchased during 2018 will quality under Section 179.

Get Help from Quality IP

Your account is your best source for information on the spending caps and limitations of Section 179; however, QualityIP can offer reliable IT support, assisting you in the selection of the best technology upgrades for your business.

QualityIP will help your company design a plan for acquiring technology that will elevate your business’ success. They function as your Chief Information Officer (CIO) and determine where you can make the biggest improvements in your technology. If you do not have immediate access to necessary funds, Cisco and Dell offer financing to claim a full deduction.

QualityIP Managed IT Services

Business management is already a daunting task on its own, and technology issues only add more pressure on a business, wasting time and resources. QualityIP’s Managed IT Services can help business owners mitigate the impact of technology failures. While Quality IP carries the weight of technology management, businesses can focus on making a process and increasing their customer base. They will protect your company’s technological infrastructure and perform regular maintenance. With QualityIP, you no longer have to worry about network security, and your valuable time can be focused directly on your business’ productivity and success.

QualityIP and the Managed IT Services Model

Many companies in the IT services industry employ a Break/Fix model to service their clients. The Break/Fix model requires clients to contact their service provider each time they encounter a technology issue. Over the course of many technology failures, this becomes an unnecessary waste of time. QualityIP, on the other hand, uses a Managed Services model to serve their customers. Under this model, customers pay a monthly fee to receive virtually constant IT service, making tech maintenance simpler and increasing your business’ productivity. 

QualityIP, managed IT services Cleveland monitors computers, networks, and other parts of your tech infrastructure, performing updates, maintenance, and repairs while your business focuses on more pressing issues. With QualityIP’s managed services, issues can be dealt with before they make an impact and you can have faith in your business technology.

ADVAN Design | QualityIP | Section 179 for Technology

ADVAN Design helps small to mid-size businesses harness and utilize their marketing potential. In an economy that is becoming increasingly centered around technology, digital marketing has become absolutely necessary for commercial success. Working with ADVAN Design means your business receives all the advantages of our digital marketing strategies. QualityIP is one of our many valued clients, and our services have helped them increase visibility on Google Searches and improve activity on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

QualityIP, managed services provider Bellevue can help any business struggling with technology issues, and they can help you pick the best upgrades to get the most out of Section 179 for technology. Learn more about Section 179 and QualityIP on the ADVAN Design Blog or visit their website.


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