In the market for some high quality, dependable ladder bars or components for your LS swap?

If you do any kind of drag racing or high performance car work, swaps and conversions, then you might recognize the name of G Force and Southside Machines. It’s been the number one brand of choice with mechanics and car enthusiasts for years. While the company is no longer around, it doesn’t mean the parts aren’t. ADVAN Designced Resources manufactures the product line now and they stick to the same durable and trusted process of improving traction and reducing wheel hop. Blended with ADVAN Designced Resources’ high tech designs and also their G Force Performance product lines as well, you will get a vehicle that can handle whatever speeds and turns you take it out on.

You can simply go on their website and find parts for virtually any vehicle make, model, and year from 1964 on up. So whether it’s ladder bars, traction bars, lift bars or crossmembers, ADVAN Designced Resources and their product line, Southside Machines, is the right choice for you. You can also learn some tech tips by going on the website as well. FAQs and more will help you determine what parts will be right for your vehicle and how you can improve traction. Whether you want a mechanic to install parts or if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, the tech tips will guide you along the way to making your vehicle the one of your dreams.

Traction Bars / Ladder Bars from Southside Machine

Southside Machine traction bars / ladder bars have the name brand you trust and the endurance to handle any kind of driving. Since 1959, Southside Machine has been the name car enthusiasts recognize will give them quality products that can be used for drag racing or any kind of competitive driving. Southside has parts that can be made to fit virtually any make, model, and year of your car. Whether it’s a 1968 GM Tempest or a 1955 Chevy Belair, SSM has got it.

Manufactured by ADVAN Designced Resources, Southside Machine products use the axle torque to increase your tire traction by lowering the center of gravity on the rear axle. This forces torque downward instead of forward, planting your rear tires by pushing them down into the pavement. This greatly reduces wheel spin, and eliminates axle and wheel-hop. Delrin bushings in the bars greatly improve stability, reducing chassis flex, providing agency control of the newly found launch power. Easily bolted on installation requires no welding, making them great for all stock race classes. ADVAN Designced Resources also offer crossmembers and torque box plates as well as their classic SSM traction bars / ladder bars. Follow them on Facebook or click on the link to their website to see what other parts and installation they have going on. If you’re not using SSM parts, you’ll just be stuck spinning your wheels!

Swaps, Conversions, Transmission Mounts. What you need to know. 

What is a transmission mount?

A transmission mount is one of the many engine mounts found on most cars and trucks. Transmission mounts are a vital part of your vehicle’s drivetrain.

Most vehicles have two or three engine mounts and at least one, and sometimes two or more, transmission mounts. Along with bell housing bolts, the transmission mount keeps the transmission safe and secure underneath the hood.  The bracket is often made of steel while the mount consists of a urethane or rubber bushing that is bolted, welded, or chemically bonded to the transmission bearing plate. This bushing absorbs vibration from driving over rough terrain which would otherwise be transferred to other components in your car’s drivetrain system like gearboxes and axles. It also helps keep vibrations inside your car so you can enjoy a smoother ride. A good quality mount will last for years without needing replacement but if it does wear out then it should be replaced as soon as possible because this could lead to serious damage elsewhere in your vehicle’s drivetrain system such as gears being stripped due to excessive vibration caused by an old worn-out mount.

The difference between a transmission mount and transmission adapters?  It depends on whom you’re talking to.  Sometimes it is the same thing but most times it refers to a plate that needs to be modified or customized in order to fit the needs of its driver. This small piece can make all the difference when it comes to fitting your car with whatever you need it for, whether it’s racing or just driving around town.

G Force offers adapter plates for specific conversions or swaps as well as a universal adjustable adapter plate or transmission adapter plate.

Let’s start with the specific types of adapter plates that are sold both individually or as part of a swap kit.

Let’s talk about swaps

If you are performing a Cummins Allison conversion or Cummins to Allison swap because the Allison 1000 is a great option for towing and having high horsepower. There are many transmission and engine combinations, but there are certain ones that work better with different purposes like driving or racing. Take Dodge 47/48 Re as an example; it may be good for drag-racing because of how quickly you can shift gears, but if you want something more suited to tow at higher power levels then this isn’t your best bet–Allison 1000 works much better.  When

The Allison 1000 transmission is a perfect example of how reliable and powerful this all-American company makes its products. The 2001 Cummins, with an installed Allison, (cummins to allison adapter) was able to handle 700 horsepower–a huge feat for the time that it came out in 1997. After tuning up the timing and adjusting your driving style accordingly (you must make sure you’re not stomping on gas or brake at any given moment), even more power can be achieved; reaching 800 additional horsepower like I did when we tweaked my truck’s settings one last time before finishing construction on our sled puller 8 years ago now. Today these trucks are used exclusively as dedicated towers/sled pulliers because their reliability has never been questioned by anyone who owns them.

Another Cummins swap or Cummins conversion is to a GM 4l80e transmission.  This transmission can handle the horsepower upgrade and added pressure on the drive train.


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