In 1996, Harb Renovation and Restoration was founded to produce professional quality work for people seeking a home remodeling contractor who will take their projects to the next level.  We pay attention to details right down to replacement drain covers. Located in Brecksville, Ohio, they bring nearly two decades of professional experience to the table. Whether you need basic improvements to your kitchen or bathroom or you want to upgrade your entire household interior, Harb Renovation & Restoration has the best home remodeling contractors that will provide the skills to do the trick.

Harb Renovation & Restoration’s goal is to make every home into a household masterpiece even working on HVAC installing an economizer hvac or hvac zoning system. They are insured, bonded, and dependable with expertise in their offered services of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, insurance restorations, flooring, and interior/exterior painting. In addition to those services, Harb is also available for custom home remodeling projects. With competitive pricing they will assure you are receiving expert quality work from their home remodeling contractors for the best possible price. Make Harb Renovation & Restoration your home remodeling contractor and you can make the house of your dreams a reality!

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