Dry Cleaning Coils

Why Is it Important to Properly Maintain Dry Cleaning Coils?

The steam coils in your system are in consistent contact with air circulating throughout, making it crucial to keep them clean and maintainrf. If dirt, dust, or debris buildup on your dry cleaning coils, they begin to act as makeshift insulation.

This means your system will have more trouble heating and cooling the air. Failing to properly clean dry cleaning coils will have an adverse effect on your system’s overall efficiency, and dirty coils can cause air to smell unpleasant and buildup allergens. To avoid all of these issues, be sure to regularly maintain your coils and change air filters in your system. Read on for a never-fail cleaning checklist.

  1. Inspect your Dry Cleaning Coils Annually

Inspect and clean mini-split ductless systems at least once a year. For best results, check mini-split systems between seasons: Once in the fall and once in the spring. Inspections should always include checking filters, coils, and blower wheels for dirt buildup.

2. Never Clean Dry Cleaning Coils Using Compressed Air or Nitrogen

This will blow dirt and debris into the air, creating IAQ problems and possibly recontaminating the coil and blower wheels that were just cleaned. It can also displace any mold spores, which can create health problems and further mold issues if not properly managed.

3. Use Pressurized Water

This is the best way to flush dirt and debris and thoroughly clean the coils, using limited chemicals. Consider using a portable, battery-operated dry cleaning coil system for cleaning coils and blower wheels.

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4.Protect your Floors and Walls from Moisture and Overspray

When using pressurized water to clean your dry cleaning coils, make sure you use a tarp to safely capture excess water and cleaning chemicals and to protect walls, floors, and furniture. During the process, post appropriate signage to prevent any slips and falls.

5. Use Cleaners that Help Treat and Prevent Mold

The unpleasant smell and safety concerns make taking action against mold and mildew a no-brainer, but make sure you’re using products that are safe for the environment and any bystanders. Apply an EPA-registered mold and mildew inhibitor to protect against odor-causing bacteria. Products like Mold Control from BBJ are great to include in your process.

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Who Manufactures the Highest Quality Dry Cleaning Coils?

R.W. Martin and Martin Coil are industry-leading suppliers of laundry & dry cleaning coils. They offer unmatched knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, so they can create coils to fit your application’s exact requirements. They also have the ability to recreate any OEM coil design and modify initial designs to further enhance quality and performance standards.

R.W. Martin supplies coils in a variety of manifold and circuiting configurations, so they can fulfill your unique laundry & dry cleaning coil needs. They can also install additions such as drain pens to replacement units. All of their pans and coils consist of stainless steel and other durable materials with corrosion protection. As a result, you receive more functionality and longevity from your coils.

R.W. Martin, in association with Martin Coil, offers unparalleled quality for cost-effective laundry & dry cleaning coils. Visit https://www.rwmartin.com/ to learn more.

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