Machining Delrin

First, what is Delrin?

DuPont™ Delrin® acetal homopolymer is the best choice for demanding applications. It’s used in industries like aerospace, automotive, and electronics because of its high strength to weight ratio and excellent chemical resistance. You can count on it to provide reliable performance while reducing your costs.  It is excellent for machining and the Jaco team will be happy to chat with you.  Click on this link for CNC machining Cleveland ohio.

Advantages of Delrin

  • High-Performance Acetal Resin
  • Delrin material is versatile
  • Highly resistant to fatigue and stress
  • It also has a low coefficient of friction for easy movement
  • The ideal material if you’re looking for a low friction and high wear resistant material
  • Low operating temperature range (-40 °C to 120 °C)
  • Good colorability
  • Mates well with metals

Machined Delrin is applicable in a large variety of situations. During their fifty years in the industry, Jaco has a long history working with Delrin plastic. They understand the benefits of Delrin, allowing them to make the most of this durable material. This quality material can bring your custom plastic products to a new level.

Delrin, also known as acetal, provides many advantages for the manufacturer as well as the customer. This material is incredibly easy to fabricate with low, consistent internal stress. However, the product it produces is difficult to wear down. During machining and use, it undergoes barely any dimensional change. Furthermore, it is wear resistant and works well in high-impact applications. It is also applicable in many industrial and mechanical industries. Click here for delrin machining tolerances.

Delrin is not only strong and durable; it is also moisture resistant. It is ideal for applications in wet environments, and it is also resistant to hydrocarbons, solvents, and neutral chemicals. Delrin offers resilience, stiffness, and dimensional stability. It is ideal for a myriad of uses, including the following:

    • Food product forming dies
    • Timing screws
    • Wear Strips
    • Electrical insulator parts
    • Gears, bearings, and bushings
    • Pump components
    • Pistons and valves
    • Rollers
    • Fittings

    • Manifolds

Grades of Delrin and Manufacturer Specifications:

Delrin® SC698

Delrin® SC698 is a low-friction material that can be used in many different industries. The low coefficient of friction helps with the actuation of drug delivery devices, so patients will have an easier time using them and they’ll be more comfortable. It also makes for a smoother surface, which is great for design purposes. You won’t find another material like it on the market today.  Contact Jaco for delrin plastic cnc machining near me.

Designers and manufacturers know they can depend on Delrin® SC698 to provide a smooth surface and good colorability while still maintaining its low COF properties. If you need something that provides comfort without sacrificing performance, this is your product!

Delrin® 100CPE

The Delrin® 100 series is the industry standard for plastic gears. It provides superior properties, such as tensile modulus (stiff without the use of fibers), yield strength, impact strength (including low temperatures) and creep resistance. Without compromising performance, the new DuPont™ Delrin® 100CPE offers an even higher viscosity grade with lower emissions than its predecessor.
You won’t find another material like it on the market today that can provide all these benefits at this price point.

Delrin® 300CPE vs. High MW Copolymer   and    Delrin® 300CPE vs. Toughened Copolymer

DuPont™ Delrin® 300CPE is the perfect solution for your needs. It’s made from acetal resin which makes it stronger than other plastics while also being more flexible. The new medium-high viscosity grade has a low emission rating of 2 ppm in VDA 275. You can use this product to create parts that are both strong and lightweight with excellent balance of properties.

Click here to find out more about how DuPont™ Delrin® 300CPE can work for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products or request samples or pricing from Delrin plastic machining suppliers.

Delrin® 500CPE

DuPont™ Delrin® 500CPE is the perfect solution. It has all of the properties of our other materials but without compromising on any of them. You can use it for anything from aerospace components to automotive parts. And because it’s so easy to work with, your machining costs will be lower than ever before.
Dupont has been making this product for over 50 years now and we know how important it is to make sure everything stays in place when you’re working with such a high-performance material. That’s why we’ve made sure that every single one of these products comes out exactly as intended – no matter what type or size you need!   Click here today and order some DuPont™ Delrin® 500CPE from DuPont™ or from machining companies near me.

Delrin® 511CPE

The new DuPont™ Delrin® 511CPE delivers the superior performance our customers expect from our Delrin® 511 series with: dimensional stability, tensile modulus (stiff without the use of fibers), impact strength (including low temperatures), creep resistance, and fatigue resistance. It also has 20% less mold deposit than its predecessor, which means more savings for you!
Click here to find out how you can get a quote from plastic machining suppliers on this product today!

Jaco offers plastic machining services and has clients from various industries who want a product made with delrin in high-precision processes such as machining delrin. When designing a prototype, their expert assistance will help find the exact material necessary for the application, regardless of the desired end result. More often than not, machined Delrin is the best option. Industries such as the automotive, food processing, material handling equipment, fluid handling, and electronics manufacturing industries consider Delrin to be an extremely reliable product. Furthermore, when they need quality Delrin, they look to Jaco to get the job done.

If you are looking for Delrin or other quality plastic products, contact Jaco for plastic machining near me. Their expertise and resources will get you the product you need.


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