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Need a Crane Rental in Ohio to Kickstart Your Next Project?

Whether you own a construction business or a material loading business, you can’t maintain a safe and efficient work site without the right heavy equipment. To find the right equipment, you need to find a resource for affordable crane rental that gives you options for quality equipment.

Any big project is a great opportunity for your company, but it also means carving out a healthy budget to make sure you have the equipment and resources you need. Sometimes, this means using a new type of crane or other heavy loading equipment. But just because you need a new type of crane, doesn’t mean you have to purchase one. With the right crane rental resource, you’ll get quality equipment that works for your project without the burden of long-term maintenance.

Choosing a Crane Rental Company

Before you decide on a crane rental company, talk with other professionals in your industry. Find out if they have recommendations, and if you have a company in mind, find out how long they’ve been in business and the types of crane rental services they offer.  Consulting online reviews also helps when it comes to gauging a team’s customer service and timeliness.

Before deciding to rent a crane from one specific company, you need to have an understanding of what type of crane is required for your project. While experts can help you determine the right choice, settling this beforehand will save time and stress.

It can also be helpful to visit a crane rental company’s facility in person. This allows you to inspect equipment in person and get an idea of the company’s available equipment and services. When visiting, observe the company’s customer service and communication practices. Are staff members respectful, knowledgeable and helpful? Service should always come first.

Schedule and Pricing

Be mindful of the timeline of your project when researching a crane rental company. Some schedules may be most compatible when working with a contractor on a one-time basis, while other deadlines may call for an ongoing partnership with a crane rental company. Make sure to account for your schedule and timeline when considering a rental company.

The required procedure is everything when it comes to using lifting equipment. Do all you can to ensure a rental company complies with regulations and laws applicable to your specific industry, and has required insurance before renting a crane for your project.

Of course, you will need to consider the price of a rental and how it fits into your budget. Crane rental is an investment in the safety and productivity of your job site. Price may be your number one deciding factor, but it is important to think about the long-term implications of a rental that doesn’t fit your needs.

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Connect With the #1 Crane Rental Resource in Ohio | General Crane Rental, LLC

Have you been looking for a reliable resource for crane rental in Ohio? Ohio’s own General Crane Rental, LLC serves companies across multiple industries and helps teams maximize job site safety and efficiency. As a well established heavy equipment company, General Crane Rental, LLC provides a comprehensive rental and maintenance option.

General Crane maintains a full fleet of boom trucks, crawler cranes, carry deck cranes, all-terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, and truck cranes. The inventory includes crane rentals from many major manufacturers including Manitowoc, Grove by Manitowoc, Tadano, Terex, Manitex, and Link-Belt Cranes. Along with this complete selection, customers count on General Crane Rental, LLC for heavy hauling services, storage, lifting accessories, as well as equipment repair. Whether you have been planning a residential or commercial project, General Crane Rental, LLC should be your first choice for any and all heavy lifting solutions. To get your next project off the ground, visit today.

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