What Is A Transmission Mount

A transmission mount is a piece of equipment that has the main goal of maintaining your transmission’s safety by keeping it secure, along with keeping the wheels and the engine of your vehicle synchronized. These type of mounts also isolate vibrations from a running engine, in this aspect, it is an insulator between the engine and vehicle frame. Your vehicle may have 2 or more of these types of mounts, this is a detail to be aware of when checking your vehicle’s health.

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4 Aspects

In order to better understand how transmission mounts work, how they differ, and why they are a necessity for every vehicle, here are some important aspects:

Different Types

Different types of cars and different types of transmissions require different types of transmission mounts. There are different mounts for specific vehicle runs over a period of time and there are also different measurement ranges for each mount. Because of the different measurements, you should look for either the same mount as you previously had and be aware of the dimensions that will work with your vehicle. If you have to get a different mount, you will search within the dimensions of what your vehicle will work with.

Adjustable Transmission Mount

Adjustable trans mounts bring flexibility that makes both its use and applicability very desirable. With traditional trans mounts you would need to find the dimensions of your previous one, with the adjustable trans mounts they are compatible within ranges of dimensions. With the adjustable trans mount, you are not limited to a trans mount that you may not like but it is the only one available with the right dimensions.

SBC Swaps

Small Block Chevy or SBC swaps are an incredibly popular type of engine swap. The SBC is a popular engine because of its power and its ease to swap successfully. When performing a swap, because of the difference in engine it is crucial to get the right transmission mounts, to both secure your car and for safety when you are on the road.

Mustang SBC Swap

Swapping an SBC into a Mustang, is a popular type of swap and because of its popularity there are specific mounts for Mustangs. Also specific Mustang to SBC kits are available to make your swap easier.

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Transmission Mount to a Crossmember

The transmission mount holds the tailshaft of the transmission to a crossmember, a crossmember is a structural support that is bolted on or welded to the chassis of a car. The addition of a new transmission mount will keep the transmission secure to the crossmember.

When Should I Replace My Transmission Mount?


They can be worn down over time, this makes a replacement a necessity. Thankfully, the signs of a bad transmission mount are usually easy to notice. Intense vibrations are a clear indicator, because working trans mounts reduce vibration. Excessive vibrations can lead to warping of the vehicle’s frame. Thumping noises, when you drive over bumps likely mean that the transmission is shifting up and down, while you are driving.

Other signs a new transmission mount is needed include difficulty turning and strange noise from your engine. The turning difficulty could be because the transmission shifting from the car’s movement on top of the imbalance of the weight. The engine noises are an indication that the engine is not secure and is moving around because of it. It is good to stay on top of your transmission mount’s health because if you have multiple mounts and one goes out, the other will likely go out soon.

Now you know what to look for and what to look out for, in your future with transmission swaps!

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