Protect Your Tool With Top Tool Box Liners

Tools do not come cheap, so if you have invested in a nice set, they are worth protecting. The same goes for your toolbox. When you buy quality tools, you expect that they will last you a long time. But without proper care, you’ll find that those expensive pieces of metal and plastic can quickly become damaged and tarnished. 

Once they begin to corrode, tools will not work the same as they used to. This isn’t to say they won’t necessarily work at all, but the odds of hands slipping, bolts stripping, and tools coming apart become more common with more wear. 

This presents an issue: how do we safely store our tools to ensure the greatest level of safety and longevity for this pricey investment? And what’s the best option? Foam? A Tool Box Liner?The following is a list of a few products and principles to consider when setting up your tool storage situation. 

Keep Your Storage Area Dry and Clean | Best Tool Box Liner 

Water is an invitation for rust, and rust is a great way to make sure a tool quickly becomes worthless. All that rust needs to form is for iron, oxygen, and water to come into contact. By keeping your tools dry you avoid rust and expand their lifespan. Another way to prevent rust is with anti-rust agents like WD40 or wax paper. 

Packing Foam

While it is a bit more pricey and can require some setup, packing foam is another great way to safely store your tools. This solution is ideal due to the security that is offered in locking down the position of your tools. Simply load a slab of foam into your drawer, and then cut out the shapes of the tools. The foam will hold them securely in place to ensure they aren’t clanging into other tools and potentially getting damaged. It also makes organization easier, as every shape will be clearly recognizable to you when you return tools to their rightful position. 

Like anything else, there is of course a tradeoff for all this convenience. For all this organization you sacrifice the very valuable commodity of space, as the foam takes up the majority of volume within your drawer. So the call has to be made on whether you want to prioritize organization or space.

a rolled up tool box liner

Tool Box Liner

Like shelf liners, toolbox liners are designed to protect the surfaces of each drawer within a toolbox. Not only do they prevent tools from scraping the surface of the toolbox, but they also prevent the tools from sliding around and bumping into one another. This solution offers far more space than foam interiors, which means you won’t sacrifice any needed room. This is a very affordable option that will not greatly impact your space, making it great for those who have a large number of tools to store. Not to mention the protection it gives both your toolbox and tools. 

As you can see, there are some very easy solutions to tool damage in storage. Be sure to consider these routes as you move forward in your tool organization planning. 

Investing in Tool Box Liner

If you’ve decided that toolbox liner is the storage solution for you, the next step is to find the right liner for your space. Although toolbox liner is extremely effective in protecting and organizing tools, it isn’t expensive. Don’t purchase a toolbox liner with a high price tag, as this is likely a dishonest seller trying to upcharge for a simple product. A roll of toolbox liner should cost around $10-20. 

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In addition, look for a toolbox liner with a bit of longevity. Thanks to modern rust prevention technology, companies can engineer this liner so it lasts for several years. There is no need for you to purchase a new tool box liner year after year. Instead, find a company that sells this liner at the right price, and makes a liner that lasts.

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