Get Ready To Meet Your New Instagram Followers

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It’s no secret that social media rules the Internet these days. Everyone from influencers, businesses, celebrities, and artists utilize some form of social media. It can be hard to build a following on each platform and learn the best methods for user engagement.

It’s important to have a strong handle on social media techniques to boost your engagement among current and new Instagram followers. But, it’s hard to sort through all of the noise of do’s and don’ts.

Lucky for you, we’re not one to withhold secrets. Read through these 6 simple steps to boost your Instagram engagement and gain new Instagram followers.

#1 Research The Best Time To Post

There is no universally accepted correct time to post on Instagram. People may claim it’s at lunchtime, or it’s 8 p.m. when everyone is home from work and ready to relax. But the real answer is to pick the time that works for your followers.

There are a few ways you can monitor your hourly engagement levels. First, you can use Instagram’s Insight feature for business profiles. This will show your audience’s most active times. If you’d like a more detailed answer, you can use Buffer, an online social media expert.

#2 Schedule Your Posts

No matter what product or service you want to promote on Instagram, regularly scheduling posts develops consistent communication with your followers. Scheduled posts mean that followers will see your content more frequently and at the same time each week/month.

This may seem like a tip just to retain your current followers, but it’s great for gaining new Instagram followers, too. Once you have researched the best times to post for your audience, you increase the possibility of your followers sharing your information with other users during your most active times. Once your new followers see and share your scheduled posts, you’ll continuously expand your reach.

#3 Write Great Captions

It might seem like this is self-explanatory, but great captions are essential. As you already know, writing a complicated or boring caption can hurt your post just like a fun and engaging post can boost your likes. But take it one step further!

quality instagram captions

Think about adding keywords to your captions. If your business sells kitchen utensils, add words or phrases to your captions like “new kitchen utensils, “kitchen utensils for sale,” or “shop for kitchen utensils.” Including keywords or phrases related to your business or company will make you recognizable in the search engine results and reach new users daily.

#4 Collaborate With Other Users

Partnerships are an amazing way to find new Instagram followers. While we know you want to build your followers, having genuine connections with other businesses and influencers is just as important. The bigger your community of other content creators, the more opportunities you have to collaborate. Collaborations help to boost other products or services, reach new followers, and clearly define your brand.

When you partner with another brand or user that closely aligns with your values, you’re making a clear statement of what you stand for and what you support in your online community. Users with those same values will be able to find your business more easily when you align with the right communities. You should also consider collaborations if you’re a small business looking to grow your local following.

#5 Link Your Instagram Handle Everywhere

One of the worst things to happen while researching a new business is when you can’t find their social media accounts anywhere. You don’t want to be hard to find and miss out on new Instagram followers. Make sure your Instagram handle is linked everywhere.

Here are some places to include your handle:

  • The end of an email signature
  • The contact page on your website
  • The footer of your website
  • Other social media profiles

When you have your Instagram handle linked everywhere possible, it’s much easier for current and new Instagram followers to find you.

#6 Post Visually Appealing Content

As we all know, Instagram is an image-based platform. Users get on to post pictures and videos, not long and word-heavy posts. That being said, make sure that the images you are posting are visually appealing and speak to your brand. Obviously, captions are still important for context, but our eyes are naturally drawn to images and videos first.

quality instagram content

Look out for images with rich color and contrast, clear images and videos, and content that is an accurate representation of your or your brand. That way, you’re giving users a great visual portrait of your business.

Now Get Some Rest!

You’ve finished reading the 6 steps on how to gain new Instagram followers overnight, so it’s time to let these techniques go to work! Spend time on implementing each of these steps into your Instagram process. You’ll want to make sure you’ve researched great times to post, collaborators, and appealing visuals. Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll be on your way to expanding your number of new Instagram followers every day.

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