Learn How To Batch Youtube Content Like a Boss

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Batching Youtube content is nothing new for content creators. I’ve watched several videos from content guru’s on the importance of batching. Batching allows you to become more productive and efficient at your job.

Without having a content batching in your schedule, you might as well count on everything taking at least twice as long to complete. You’ll end up getting pulled into 14 different directions and end up feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything at the end of the day.

At its core, batching is setting aside a predetermined amount of time to work on a single task. Whether that is social media management, writing an article, or creating some type of content, you need to have time set aside only for that task and shut off everything else. Once your done or the allotted time has passed, you can move onto the next task, knowing that you’ve accomplished something.

Me telling you that you need to incorporate batching into your schedule is one thing, but how do you actually put the process into play? Great question. We’re going to show you how.

How To Start Batching YouTube Content

You can start batching by creating a content calendar with different ideas and the task to be done throughout the scheduled time period. Also looking into the tags you can use for each of your videos will get you to the point where you can just upload the videos without having to get into creative mode.

YouTube content planning will also make you take into account making your thumbnails. You can also start working on the upcoming scripts, as well.

Batching a Month’s worth of Youtube content in 6 Hours?!

In the following video, Sunny Lenarduzzi breaks down just how to set up batching. In her example, she is talking about her Youtube content, but this can be applied to any type of content you’re creating. As you’ll see in her content calendar, she batches more than just Youtube content. She also batches her other social media content. Check it out!


Consistency with content is king. Batching your content is going to naturally keep your publishing schedules consistent and allow you to dominate your competitors in the social media feeds and Google searches. Now that you have a pretty good understanding of how to batch tasks, it’s time to apply it to your content schedule.

Start small to really learn and master the process, then roll it out to your other tasks. Before long you’re going to be batching content like a boss.

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