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Losing a loved one is never easy, and the many complications, filings, and forms do not make it any easier. You should be able to spend time with your family during the mourning process, but all the planning can get in the way. Davis Law’s probate lawyers in Akron, Ohio can help relieve some of the stress with a range of estate planning services.

Davis Law is a leading Akron law firm that can take on the more difficult parts of these processes and provide professional guidance and advice every step of the way. Here are some ways Davis Law can help you get through these tough times:

Trusts & Estate Planning

Finances are the most stressful part of dealing with a loved one’s passing, and many of Davis Law’s clients come seeking help in developing an estate plan. Their team can inspect all areas of your estate, so they can create a trust and estate plan that fairly and effectively distributes assets, establishes guardianships for children, minimizes taxes, and most importantly, protects your family’s future.

Man in navy suit writing on a piece of paper | Probate lawyers Akron OhioCreating an estate plan is generally the first step in this process, and if a client were to become incapacitated, Davis Law can take the role of the trust administration. To properly satisfy the grantor’s wishes, their lawyers take every detail into account. They will work to protect the financial security of everyone involved.

Davis Laws probate lawyers also offer experience in giving legal counsel to trustees. A trustee could be liable for any mistakes that result in losses for the trust. Davis Law offers their experience and insight to help ensure the trustee’s compliance with the trust administration. If you have been recently appointed as a trustee, you should get in touch with an attorney in Akron, Ohio as soon as possible.

Living Wills, Last Wills & Testaments

Nobody wants to think about drafting a will, but while it may be uncomfortable, a will can make the proceedings after your passing much easier for your family. Davis Laws team of probate lawyers can help you draft a valid will that accurately describes your wants and intentions. A will not only tells your loved ones what you need after your passing, but it also lays out rules for handling medical action if you were to become incapacitated.

Last wills and testaments are essentially a documentation of your wishes for after you pass. These wishes can include subjects such as distribution of your property, the caring of children and pets, and more. For example, if you want a specific loved one to inherit your home, you need a will.

In the event that you die without a will, your land and personal property will be distributed under Ohio’s “intestacy” law. This means that the court decides how your assets are distributed as well as the guardianship of your children and pets. This can be an extremely stressful process for families, so it is best to draft a will sooner than later. Davis Law’s attorneys can adjust your will as your life changes, documenting changes in marital status, finances, children, and more.

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If you are looking for probate lawyers or other attorneys in Akron, Ohio, you can depend on the legal experts at Davis Law Group. In addition to estate planning services, Davis Law specializes in criminal defense, personal injury, real estate planning, and many other areas of practice! Contact Davis Law today, and their team can connect you to a network of attorneys in the areas of Akron, Kent, Cuyahoga Falls, Green, and other Northeast Ohio areas.


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