Want to Become a Licensed Bus Driver?

Front of school bus | Online school bus driver trainingWhen looking for online school bus driver training, you need a program that supplies quality content. It should support you to develop career-long safety habits, so you can be a more reliable driver. With the School Bus Safety Company, you gain the ability to complete this program from any location. Along with an illustrated data and reporting, they equip you with the best understanding of the process.

Not only can you expect the School Bus Safety Company to deliver you high-quality online school bus driver training, but they also offer competitive prices. The School Bus Safety Company’s skilled experts provide video materials to assist you in learning proper road safety for both the driver and students.

What Does The Online School Bus Driver Training Include?

With the purchase of this online school bus driver training program, you’ll receive 25 instructional video lessons, 15 safety reminder posters, and a final exam to test your knowledge.

Set of DVDs for bus driver training | Online school bus driver trainingThis is an easy-to-follow course that is divided into 6 different categories: Safety and Defensive Driving, About the Bus, About Driving Situations, About the Driver, About the Children, and When All Else Fails. Each category has specific teaching on how to handle specific scenarios.

Examples include situations that will include intersections, railroad crossings, and danger zones. Also included will be pedestrian and bicycle safety, maximizing the safety for yourself, your students, and others sharing the road. Another category includes the training of managing student behavior which includes sleeping students, student management, and even challenging student behavior.

The end goal of the School Bus Safety Company is to inspire awareness and proficiency as a school bus driver. This is why they offer many additional courses as well.

Courses Offered By School Bus Safety Company

The School Bus Safety Company offers more than just its online school bus driver training. They also offer a safety leadership course, which includes a guide for safe driving practices, a study guide, and seven CDs to assist you with leadership and safety.

Not only will this course provide adequate leadership techniques, principles, and behavior-based techniques, but it also offers an understanding of human behavior as well as previews of accidents and why people have them. A final exam is included with this course as well. This is a course that offers an understanding of your leadership role as a school bus driver.

The School Bus Safety Company also offers a training course for getting your CDL license. The majority of adequate drivers struggle to pass the CDL written test. This course will provide you with the proper training to achieve this written test. Included with this course are a classroom trainers guide, a drivers study guide, and a practice test leaflet to provide additional information to guide you. Let this School Bus Safety Company course put you on your best path for a successful and safe career in school bus driving.

About the School Bus Safety Company

School Bus Safety Company Logo | Online school bus driver training

When it comes to online school bus driver training, the School Bus Safety Company is your most valuable resource. They offer high-quality courses designed by industry experts who have more than 20 years of experience in driving safety. This is what separates them from their competitors. The School Bus Safety Company truly understands the importance of making its courses flexible for an effective educational experience.

They offer the convenience of completing the courses that best fit your needs. You can either complete an online school bus driver training course using DVDs, downloading the course via thumb drive, or completing the course on the web. The SBSC is a company committed to providing you and your employees with the proper high-quality training materials to ensure driver and passenger safety.

Whenever you’re ready to start your online school bus driver training or even just want to learn more, contact the School Bus Safety Company.

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