Keep Your Bike Safe This Winter With A Zip Up Bike Bag

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During the endless hours of the global pandemic lockdown, people turned to new hobbies to pass the time. Many people felt trapped inside the same walls every day, so they started to explore outdoor hobbies. Running, walking, hiking, and bike riding all became popular habits that got people outside while still practicing social distancing.

Bike sales have increased astronomically since the pandemic, and continue to grow today. To fully enjoy your bike ride through the park, it’s important to keep your bike in great condition. Rust is a major enemy of bikes, especially those kept outside. You need to stay on top of rust build-up with a rust prevention routine. If you haven’t heard of one before, a zip up bike bag is a great new tool to protect your bike this winter.

Read on to learn about rust and rust prevention tactics to practice, along with purchasing a zip up bike bag.

What Is Rust and How Does It Form?

Rust occurs when oxygen and moisture mix with iron metals and cause a chemical breakdown of the metal. Rust is the corrosion of refined iron. Most people recognize rust as a flaky and red surface that forms on metals. Salt, sweat, humidity, and mud can all accelerate the rust process, which causes permanent damage to your metals, and in this case, your bike.

Bikes are vulnerable to rust because of their many different metal parts, and because of how much they are exposed to the elements. Small scratches can turn into corrosion on the paint or braking system. Prevention products such as a zip up bike bag are necessary to protect your bike, but a few steps need to be completed before you seal your zip up bike bag.

Step #1 Keep Your Bike Clean

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Anything you pick up from outside — dirt, debris, mud, or salt — will end up on your bike when you ride outside. It’s important to wipe down your bike thoroughly after every single ride to remove any obvious dirt or debris. Every 25-30 rides, give it a little bit of extra love, and deep clean your bike twice a year. If you’re an everyday rider or avid cyclist, you should apply lubricant to your chains regularly to keep them clean. Once your bike is clean, you’re one step closer to sealing your bike in a zip up bike bag for the winter.

#2 Keep Your Bike Dry

Moisture is the enemy of bikes. So, even though you should regularly clean your bike, make sure it is completely dried off before you put it away. Again, rust occurs when oxygen and moisture come into contact with iron. Once your bike is affected by rust, you can’t replace the metal components of your bike. The one thing you can control is how dry you keep your bike. After every single ride or clean, make sure to completely dry off your bike. This will help prepare it to be stored in the zip up bike bag.

#3 Cover Your Bike With a Zip Up Bike Bag

Now that your bike is completely clean and dry, it’s time to store it in a zip up bike bag for the winter. You never want to leave your bike outside and uncovered, and even tarps aren’t the best option for protection. A tarp can still trap moisture and can cause damage over time. The best way to cover and protect your bike is with a waterproof, mold-proof, and corrosion-free zip up bike bag. Vapor corrosion inhibitors are fused within the inner layer of the zip up bike bag cover. These anti-corrosion particles will slowly release and attach to the metal components of your bike to protect it for as long as it is sealed in the bag.

Ride On

If you follow these 3 steps to protect your bike during the winter, you’ll be a happy rider in the spring when you find your bike in pristine condition. It’s crucial to prep your bike with a deep clean and drying session before you seal it away in the zip up bike bag. You can know throughout the duration of winter your bike will be protected and ready for the next biking season.

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