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Tool Chest Drawer Liner | Protect Your Tools This Summer

If you live in the Midwest, or anywhere with extreme temperatures, it’s important to be aware of how the weather affects your tools. Without even realizing it, rust and other forms of corrosion can build up and severely inhibit the lifetime of your hardware. This also means that, in the case of an emergency, your tools might not be functioning when you need them to.

If you invest in a tool chest drawer liner from Zerust Products, you can ensure all of your tools are safe and protected. If this isn’t the rust prevention solution you’re looking for, don’t get discouraged. Zerust Products has a range of options for protecting your personal items. Let’s take a look at what they offer.


Tool Chest Drawer Liner For Any Customer

Zerust Products’ tool chest drawer liner is a popular rust prevention solution. This liner is created using their corrosion-inhibiting formula with heavy non-slip rubber. These tool chest drawer liners are cut to size, and can be used on shelves and inside drawers, toolboxes, sheds, truck  boxes, and storage boxes.

What does this tool chest drawer liner do? The non-toxic rust prevention technology within the liner prevents your tools from forming rust or corrosion. Additionally, this liner prevents items from denting, slipping, and gathering mildew. The liner is easy to clean, and lasts up to 5 years after purchase. Once the 5 years has passed, you can repurpose this tool chest drawer liner to work for you. This is a popular, affordable solution to rust prevention.

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Rust Prevention Vapor Capsules

These rust prevention vapor capsules can be used for tools, firearms, sporting goods, and other home items that don’t require an extensive storage system. These capsules are simple to use and come with an adhesive backing. All you have to do is remove the adhesive and stick the capsule to a lock box, toolbox, or other storage container. 

These capsules work by releasing powerful VCI molecules that shield the surface of your item(s). These are non-toxic, odorless molecules that protect surfaces from rust and corrosion. Once your storage container is open and the contents are exposed to open air, the VCI molecules detach from your items and harmlessly vaporize into the air.

Not to mention, this innovative rust prevention solution is extremely affordable. 


Table Saw Cover

Table saws are extremely susceptible to open air, which can create conditions for rust, moisture, corrosion, and dust to form. The Zerust table saw cover is a simple and effective way to protect your item. Whether you only use your table saw occasionally, or you’re a regular handyman, this cover will protect the table’s surface and blades for up to 5 years.

How does the cover work? This cover uses the Zerust anti-corrosion formula that releases non-toxic vapor on the surface of the table saw. By investing in this solution, you won’t need to worry about oils and grease. Save money and get a system that works with the Zerust Products table saw cover.

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About Zerust Products | Tool Chest Drawer Liner And More

Since 2001, Zerust Products has been innovating rust and corrosion prevention products to market to a variety of industries. Zerust always prioritizes the production of environmentally-friendly products that work well and don’t leave a lasting impact on the planet. 

Zerust is located in Twinsburg, Ohio, and has products sold through Amazon, Lowes, Cabela’s, and more major retailers. They strive to keep their products affordable, so consumers everywhere can have access to cutting-edge rust prevention products. After all, if you’re investing in tools, firearms, bikes, or any other personal item, it deserves to be protected.

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