Protect Your Bicycle From Rust And Corrosion

Close up on a bike covered in a rust prevention bicycle bagWhether you are a frequent bicycle rider, or just enjoy the occasional ride through your neighborhood, no one wants their bike to become susceptible to rusting. Over time, rust builds up and can form corrosion, which deteriorates the quality of your bike.

Thankfully, you can enjoy your bicycle for longer with bicycle covers, sometimes called bicycle bags. This technology is simple: all you need to do is cover your bike when you aren’t using it. Let’s take a look at how exactly bicycle covers work.

Investing In A Bicycle Cover

Depending on the company you choose, your bicycle bag may work somewhat differently. In general, bicycle covers use a type of rust-inhibiting formula that releases protective molecules over the surface of the bike. These molecules act as a shield that inhibits rust build-up.

All that rust needs to form is for iron to come in contact with oxygen and moisture. This moisture can be humidity, vapor, immersion, water, or any different form. This creates a chemical reaction that then forms rust which, left unattended, will spread to other parts of your bicycle.

If you’ve invested in a nice bike, there’s no reason to lose it to rust buildup. Without proper care, rust can form on your gears and make riding difficult, or even impossible. Bicycle covers are a smart investment that completely prevents this problem and will preserve the structural integrity of your bike for years.

How Else Can I Protect My Bike?

In addition to purchasing bicycle bags, there are other simple ways you can protect your bicycle. If you live in an area that has frequent rain or humidity, don’t leave your bike outside exposed to the elements. This creates the exact conditions that allow for rust buildup.

Instead, store your bike in a garage or shed that has a somewhat consistent temperature, and use a bicycle cover. This combination is a great way to prevent rust and corrosion on your bicycle.

A mountain bike and person standing by a lake | Bicycle coversIt’s also good to keep your gears lubricated. If you are a serious rider, you probably have an idea of how to take apart your bike to add grease or other lubricants. This doesn’t need to be done often but should be done once or twice a year if you take your bike out regularly. There are even spray-on lubricants that make the job even easier, so you don’t need to disassemble your bike.

Washing and drying your bike is another great way to prevent rust. This will prevent dirt and grime buildup, which are known to lead to corrosion. Take your bike out into your yard and spray it down with a hose on a warm summer day, then dry it off with a towel and let the sun do the rest.

Finally, for mountain bikers, there are fenders you can install around your wheels to keep the level of mud and dirt buildup to a minimum. These fenders are a great way to protect your bike against the elements during a ride and keep your wheels and gears in the best shape possible.

All of these practices, in addition to purchasing bicycle covers, are great ways to keep your bike around as long as possible.

Purchasing Bicycle Covers

A bike covered in a bicycle bag | Bike rust preventionIf you’re ready to purchase bicycle covers, do some research before you buy them. You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for this rust prevention tool. Shop smart, but also reasonable, and don’t settle for bicycle bags that aren’t in your price range.

You should also try to look for a company that sells bicycle covers that are environmentally friendly. Once you unzip the bag, the rust prevention molecules will be released into the air. There are companies that make non-toxic bicycle covers so you won’t release any toxins or unhealthy chemicals back into the environment. Shop for bicycle covers today.

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