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How Do I Keep Wrenches From Rusting?

Your tools are a prized possession, and you never know when a sturdy wrench will come in handy. Unfortunately, tools are prone to rust and corrosion, which can make them grow dull or even become unusable. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take and products you can use to keep wrenches from rusting.


#1 Cleaning And Lubricating

A quick and easy way to keep wrenches from rusting is to regularly wipe them down. Any old towel or rag will work; just use the towel to remove dust, grease, or debris before storing your wrenches and other tools. If you leave grease on your tools, it can build up and cause rusting.

Lubrication is another great way to prevent wrenches from rusting. After you’ve wiped your wrenches down, lubricate the tool’s adjustable parts using an all-purpose oil. Just make sure no oils get on the handles of your tools so they aren’t slippery. Regular oil and lubrication prevents rust and corrosion build up.


#2 Check For Damage

A thorough inspection every so often will help you catch any damage on your wrenches before it’s too late. Look for cracks, breaks, splinters, and other signs that your wrench may be losing its effectiveness. If you don’t keep an eye out for damage, you could risk injury. Unstable tools can break randomly, causing injury and other problems.


#3 Find A Good Storage Area

Storing your tools in a cool, safe area is a key tip for how to keep wrenches from rusting. The obvious tip is that your tools should be easy to access, and not in a place that you’ll forget. You should not leave your wrenches on the ground, because that makes it easier for rust and corrosion to build up. Toolboxes, storage containers, and clean shelves are all great options for tool storage.

Consider the climate of where you’re storing your tools. There’s no way to keep the climate the same always, but a constant fluctuating temperature isn’t good for avoiding rust build up. Find a semi-cool, dry space for your wrenches and other work tools.  

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#4 Invest In Rust Prevention Products

There are several rust prevention products for wrenches available through Zerust Products. Zerust Products has multipurpose VCI poly bags that offer effective rust prevention for wrenches, firearms, and more. All you have to do is slide your tools into the bag to keep them safe.

Zerust also has toolbox drawer liners, which are a great way to keep all of your tools from rusting. These liners use the Zerust corrosion-inhibiting formula with a heavy duty non-slip rubber to make the perfect rust prevention device.

If you’re looking for rust and corrosion inhibiting vapor capsules, you’ll find them at Zerust. The Zerust capsules release an odorless vapor into your tool storage containers that releases powerful molecules around the surface of your wrenches and tools. Once you open the tool box, this vapor harmlessly dissolves into the air. 

All of Zerust Products solutions are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and are a great way to keep wrenches from rusting.  

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