Here’s How To Keep Your Bike From Rusting With Bicycle Covers and More

A bike covered in a bicycle bag | Bike rust prevention

If you enjoy riding your bike, then you want to ensure you keep it safe and stored properly. After all, rust and corrosion build up can cause serious damage to your bike over time if they aren’t properly prevented.

Whether you ride off-road trails, or you just enjoy a bicycle ride around your neighborhood, bicycle covers are a great method of protection. Bicycle covers are a simple extra layer of protection that keeps your bike from being fully exposed to the elements, and therefore prevents deterioration. In addition to investing in bicycle covers, there are other methods of rust prevention for your bike.

Safe and Protected Storage

Where you store your bike matters. If you tend to toss it into the grass after a ride, this is a habit you should try to break. In the fall, when the weather is uncertain, you leave your bike potentially exposed to rain and moisture. All that rust needs to form is for iron to come into contact with oxygen and moisture. Don’t create these conditions by leaving your bike outside for a long period of time.

So where should you store your bike? If you have a semi-climate controlled garage or shed, this is a great place for storage. If your shed or garage lets in moisture or snow, it’s worth it to invest in bicycle covers for added protection. That way, your bike is away from the outside elements and has an extra layer to fight off moisture buildup.

Clean and Lubricate Your Bike

It’s important to regularly clean your bike, especially if you hit the trails often. Mud, dust, and other elements will cake onto your bike and its gears, which isn’t good for long periods of time. Of course, if you’re a frequent rider, it’s natural to kick up some dirt. Take the extra time every few weeks to clean your bike before storing it using bicycle covers.

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For extreme riders, it’s recommended that once per year you disassemble and clean your bike. This way, you can clean all of the different parts and gears that make up the bike. In addition to cleaning, make sure the bike is lubricated. If the gears dry out, they can rust and corrode. If your gears break, this could mean a costly repair. Plus, it takes away time that could be spent enjoying a bicycle ride.

Invest In Bicycle Covers

As mentioned, bicycle covers are a great way to prevent your bike from rusting. Bicycle covers are exactly what they sound like, a cover that you place over your bike when it’s not in use. These covers provide extra protection so moisture doesn’t attach itself to your bike and corrode or rust the essential parts.

How do bicycle covers work? Every company is different. Specifically, look out for companies that manufacture their bicycle covers with rust prevention technology. This could mean that the bicycle covers release a protective layer of rust prevention chemicals that coat the bike and keep it safe. Ask the manufacturer, or do some research into the type of technology they use. Rust prevention technology should be harmless to the environment, so don’t settle for bicycle covers that come with extra chemicals that could potentially harm the air.

Lastly, check for a warranty on the bicycle covers. This is not an item you want to buy every year. Bicycle covers should last two years at least, or slightly longer. This should be a purchase you make once and don’t need to worry about in the immediate future. Then, you’ll be on your way to a safe and protected bicycle.

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