Injection Molding Machine For Sale

injection molding machine for saleThe Plastics Processing industry, like so many other industries today, is attempting to adjust to a tough intersection of factors. Most companies you talk to today have more work than they feel they can get done, and fears of running behind are acute. One of the reasons companies are overwhelmed is because of the labor shortage with which we are all so familiar now. The pressure to get more work done with fewer people is harsh.

used injection moulding machineIn the past, the solution to “too much work” was fairly simple. Invest in more equipment to expand your capacity, hire more people to operate those machines, and the ability to get more work done and take on new projects will pay for the additional expenses. The world is not so simple any longer. According to a Deloitte forecast, the outlook for all manufacturers in 2022 continues to be grim due to supply chain issues and other problems, which means a plastics processing plant cannot get the equipment they need either at all or in a timely fashion. What can plastics processing manufacturing companies do?

Time to Consider Used Plastic Processing Equipment

In this challenging environment, purchasing used plastic processing equipment is beneficial for many reasons. Here are just a few.

  • Used equipment is available now, unlike new equipment which needs to be built and shipped. The availability of used equipment eliminates factors like supply chain issues and shipping lags.
  • Purchasing used equipment can diminish the need for new laborers if your current team is familiar with the brand of machine you are purchasing.
  • Along the same lines, if you are buying a used brand you are familiar with, you will be able to gauge how much capacity you will be able to add to your production.
  • Perhaps it is needless to say, but used injection molding machines are at a more accessible price point than new machines. An injection molding machine price for a brand new machine can be a significant investment.

When you purchase equipment like a used injection moulding machine, you can talk to the seller about how the machine functions, how long it has been available, how old it is, and the status of the warranty. At PlastiWin, we are happy to demo the equipment for you so you can see it in action.

used injection molding machinesWhile purchasing used plastics processing equipment will not cure all the ails of this difficult time in the manufacturing industry, it can certainly help in several ways, especially in comparison to trying to purchase and receive new equipment. Contact PlastiWin today to learn more about what they currently have available, including if we have an injection molding machine for sale. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, they will help make sure you get what you need.

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