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The Extrusion Process | Here’s Where To Begin

Before you consider investing in an extruder machine, it’s important to fully understand the extrusion process itself. Extrusion is a popular mechanism used for creating plastic, metal, rubber, and other types of products through heating and shaping.

Oftentimes, the extrusion process uses pellets, dry powder, rubber, or metal to heat and push through a die that’s in the shape of the desired final product. The extruder machine uses different barrels and cylinders to heat up the material and then form it to the necessary shape. The process itself is simple, but it’s responsible for hundreds of materials and products used every day. 

Obviously, in order to complete extrusion, you need to invest in an extruder machine. Within the realm of extruder machines, there are different styles and capabilities to meet industry needs. Let’s examine different types of extruder machines.

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What Are The Different Types Of Extruders?

Depending on how you categorize, there are two main types of extruder machines: single screw and twin screw. The twin screw extruder machine is more productive due to its higher level of flexibility. Twin screw extruders can handle multiple processes such as melting, mixing, cooking, and cooling. When it comes to plasticizing capacity, a twin screw extruder machine is also better and faster. That’s because the granular materials move quicker, so production time is reduced.

Because of its higher capacity, twin extruder machines are more expensive than a single screw machine. A single screw extruder machine has less mixing capacity, which means that the speed of production is inherently dependent on screw speed. That being said, some facilities only need a single screw extruder machine if their product volume is smaller. There is no right or wrong extruder, because the best piece of equipment is fully dependent on the needs of your facility.


What Are Common Extruder Machine Applications?

Believe it or not, extruder machines are often used to make cereals and pre-formed snacks due to the ned for replication of small, individual pieces of food. In order to achieve this uniformity, you need to utilize the highly controlled pressure and temperature that an extruder machine creates.

In addition to food production, extrusion equipment is used to create gels, high aluminas, and more. Rubber extruders are extremely versatile in what they can form, from rubber gaskets, to custom hollow shapes, to contact lenses. 

As you can tell, there are both specialized extruders and general extruders available depending on your needs. For this reason, extruder machines are used widely in manufacturing industries to create uniform products with just a few steps. 

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