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An open car hood | Deep drawing automotive componentsThe last thing that you want to hear when driving your car is a bunch of loud rattling and clanking. A check engine light is bad enough, but when your car starts to sound like a community theatre production of Stomp, you know your wallet is in for a beating.

Cars, trucks, and other automotive vehicles are incredibly complex machines. The average sedan is made up of roughly 30,000 individual parts, and even just one thing falling out of place can cause countless mechanical problems. If you want to keep the family car from breaking down every couple of months, you need high-quality metal parts from a certified manufacturer.

But how do you make the best possible parts for every unique vehicle? Well, there are many different ways to make car parts, and many components aren’t even made of metal. However, deep drawing has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to create metal parts for vehicles of almost any make or model.

What is Deep Drawing?

Deep drawing or deep draw stamping is a high-efficiency sheet metal forming process. The term “deep draw” refers to the dimensions of the resulting parts. Any part that goes through deep drawing will have significantly greater depth than width.

Deep drawn metal parts from Wedge | Deep draw stampingThe deep drawing process starts with drawing flat sheet metal into a series of dies and repeatedly doing so until the metal matches the desired dimensions. Many designs also call for partial drawing to create multiple diameters along the length of the part.

One of the central advantages of deep drawing is cost-effectiveness and waste reduction. Turning parts is the most common alternative to deep drawing, and while it has some of its own benefits, it uses up much more raw material than deep draw stamping. This not only causes machining costs to skyrocket, but it also produces more scrap and waste metal, making it less environmentally friendly.

Deep drawing in and of itself is not a singular process, however. It actually involves a variety of metal forming methods including side piercing, bottom piercing, rib forming, coining, and many more. This allows companies like Wedge Products to create a full range of components for almost any vehicle.

Why is Deep Draw Stamping Best for Automotive Components?

Automotive parts are bombarded with several different forms of pressure every time you drive your car. Extreme temperatures, intense vibrations, and corrosive chemicals are just a few things that will chip away at components that are not up to the task.

If you want your car to be fuel-efficient and run without overheating, its parts need to be tough enough to handle anything the road throws at them. More importantly, you should feel safe whenever you are operating a vehicle. Low-quality parts can result in system failures that could put you and other drivers at risk for a serious accident.

Deep drawing is an exceptionally precise process, so it can create parts that fit perfectly in whatever you are driving. Metal stamping companies like Wedge Products also use high-quality metal materials to ensure you are not running into regular mechanical issues and paying for costly repairs.

Why Trust Wedge with My Car Parts?

United Airlines plane in flight | Aerospace deep draw stampingWedge Products is a leading provider of metal stamping services, offering quick turnaround at prices you can afford. Wedge not only excels in deep drawing automotive components, but they also make parts for aerospace applications. In fact, many aviation and defense organizations depend on Wedge for Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Black Hawk, Apache, and C-130 parts. If they can handle getting a plane off the ground, making your car run properly will not be a problem.

Wedge Products is also certified to manufacture parts for automotive and aerospace machinery under Mil-I-45208A and AS9100 Rev. D. This means they have proven time and time again that they can meet the strict quality and performance standards of these industries.

When you choose Wedge, you work with a dedicated team that achieves the highest levels of precision for every project. With an exclusive online quality assurance system, they get you the best parts for your vehicle regardless of the model. Their facilities house more than 64 stamping presses with capacities upwards of 400 tons! If you need metal parts for your vehicle, you can trust Wedge.

Reach Mach Speed with Wedge Today!

Wedge Products, Inc. | ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev. D Certified | Deep Drawing

You’re not going to impress anyone at your local car show with a beaten-down wreck. It’s time to take your vehicle to the next level with automotive components from Wedge Products.

If you have been looking for deep draw stamping for auto parts, you can depend on Wedge Products to get the job done. Visit their website today to learn more about their products and services or contact them directly with questions or inquiries.

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