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For the past 135 years, the team at Butech Bliss has been focused on delivering innovative solutions and technology that allow our customers to perform as efficiently as possible. Both our slitting lines and cut-to-length coil lines are a testament to this innovation. These products are designed to process ferrous and non-ferrous metals with as much efficiency and productivity as possible.

Being a leading supplier of process lines means we’ve set higher standards for output and overall production. Take for instance our slitting lines where we improve upon traditional design by adding innovative features that push the boundaries of what was previously achievable in slitting line design. With equipment such as our patented notching unit ahead of the slitter. To achieve this, we took a traditional approach and improved it by virtually eliminating operator interaction with the strip. This reduces the time it takes to thread the line and improves overall efficiency moving technology towards a fully automatic steel coil slitting line.

How does a Butech Bliss slitting line improve your operations? First and foremost, you can trust in our years of experience designing equipment for hot, cold, PPPL and CTL applications. We engineer, design, and manufacture this equipment always with reliability and productivity in mind. The reliability of our equipment stems from our usage of cutting-edge technology, and through our control systems that monitor all the metrics that are crucial to every piece of equipment. By the time a piece of equipment is completed, you can trust that it has been tested for any and every possible issue. Our equipment solutions are sure to speed up and improve your operations so you can run the fastest and safest slitting line process possible.

#1 Feralloy/Acero Prime Improve Sheet Slitting Line Operations Thanks To Butech Bliss

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Feralloy Processing Company and Acero Prime, S. de R.L. de C.V. recently announced a plan to open a new 300,000 square foot steel service center in Sinton, Texas. This facility, which is set to open in the third quarter of 2021, is meant to expand Feralloy/Acero Prime’s presence in the Gulf Coast region.

In order to make this expansion a success, Butech Bliss was called on to design, manufacture, and install a stretch leveling cut-to-length line and a metal slitting line for this new service center.

The new slitting line is rated up to 0.315 inch thick by 84 inches wide, and operates up to 600 fpm. In addition, this slitting line has exclusive features including the Butech Bliss patented Scrap Chopper.

We are also providing a stretch leveling cut-to-length line that is rated up to 1 inch thick by 84 inches wide and can produce sheets 40 feet long inside the stacker. This line features a patented Synergy hydraulic roller leveler capable of handling the entire product range in a single leveler. Not only this, but this stretch leveling cut-to-length line has a quick change roll cartridge system that minimizes maintenance and saves time.

Thanks to both of these innovative pieces of equipment, Feralloy/Acero Prime’s new service center has an efficient way to produce flat rolled steel and slit material to keep their operations running smoothly.

#2 Fulton County High-Speed Slitting Line

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Fulton County Processing (FCP) is a northwest Ohio-based steel coil processing company that provides quality products to all of its customers. In 2019, FCP installed a coil slitting line to expand production and jobs. This multi-million dollar project meant a serious investment in their business, as well as a 70,000+ square foot expansion to their plant to house the new line. This investment was set to pay off by creating over 25 new jobs within 3 years.

In order to get a high-quality, heavy-gauge metal slitting line, FCP called upon Butech Bliss. The slitting line was to feature a 4-roll flattener with entry pinch roll, heavy gauge interchangeable slitter assembly with a scrap handling system, hydraulic shears, and a looping pit. In addition, this line needed a quill type mandrel recoiler that could handle a maximum coil weight of 60,000 lbs. This slitting line needed to work fast, and be able to operate at 500 fpm while processing HR and HRPO steel.

These requirements aren’t achievable by just any company, which is why FCP called on Butech Bliss. The new steel slitting line was set to increase production to 180,000 tons per year, which pushed the annual plant production capacity to over 1.2 million tons! Not only is this a game-changing upgrade for FCP, but it’s a testament to what the innovation and quality manufacturing at Butech Bliss can achieve.

#3 Liberty Steel Streamlines Operations With The Help Of Butech Bliss

Liberty Steel is a northeast Ohio company and a proud top-ranked service center. Liberty Steel called upon Butech Bliss to engineer, manufacture, and install a multi-blanking (slitting) line at their North Jackson, Ohio facility.

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What does this line feature? This Butech Bliss multi-blanking line includes entry equipment, a hydraulic crop shear, a hydraulic roller leveler, a slitter with interchangeable heads, a looping pit, and a direct drive shear. This line was installed in the second quarter of 2015 and since then has significantly improved and expanded Liberty Steel’s efforts to deliver quality products and services.

To celebrate the addition of this multi-blanking line, Liberty Steel had a ribbon cutting ceremony with over 150 attendees. President Jim Grasso said “The installation of the new line was seamless and we couldn’t be more pleased with the service that the Butech Bliss team delivered during the entire project, from the engineering phase through commissioning.”

About Butech Bliss | Slitting Line & Metal Processing Equipment Solutions

Not very long ago, Butech and Bliss were separate companies located in Salem, Ohio. Until Butech purchased the manufacturing facilities and intellectual property of Bliss, the two companies were located across the street from one another. Bliss is a steel processing equipment manufacturer that has a long history of building heavy-duty rolling mill equipment for ferrous and nonferrous metal producers. Bliss can be traced back to its original founding, over 130 years ago, in Brooklyn, New York.

Butech was founded by John Buta in 1985. Today, Buta is the president of the combined companies now known as Butech Bliss. Due to the unique capabilities of each company, Butech Bliss is now able to meet a variety of manufacturing needs. Though Butech Bliss is known for its patented scrap chopper technology, the team also continues to set the standard for engineering in the steel equipment industry. Butch Bliss is the leading US producer of cut to length slitting line equipment, light gauge to heavy guage slitting lines, rolling mill equipment, coil processing lines, hydraulic roller levelers, and so much more.

We invite you to learn more about Butech Bliss and the company’s innovative products. If you have a specific question or looking for a slitting line price to cost out a capital project, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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