Mental Health Writing Jobs

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, health has been on everyone’s mind. This led to an increase in everything health-related. Today, 5% of all Google searches are inquiries about health. Therefore, spending on digital marketing for healthcare will continue to increase. 

One of the most popular writing topics is health. With different niches in health, there is an overwhelming amount of health writing jobs. This includes medical writing, well-being, mental health, healthy eating, and so much more.

Since 2020, studies show there has been a 31% increase in anxiety and depression, a 26% increase in reported stress-related symptoms, and an 11% increase in reported suicidal thoughts monthly. As more companies and people are talking about mental health, the negative stigma surrounding mental health is being lifted.

What are Mental Health Writing Jobs?

Mental Health Writing Jobs - woman writing on her laptopAs a mental health writer, you will write about anything related to mental health. Some of these topics include behavioral health, mental illness, psychology, psychological development, and more. 

Mental health writing jobs expect you to be able to write various types of documents. You should be able to write content for blogs, online magazines, websites, and print publications. As a mental health writer, you may be asked to create social media posts, blog posts, and informational materials for marketing purposes to advertise a mental health provider or physician.

How to Become a Mental Health Writer so I can get Mental Health Writing Jobs?

Mental Health writing jobs - puzzle jigsaw heart on brainTo start a career in creating content for mental health writing jobs it is recommended that you obtain a degree in writing or journalism. Some people who have mental health writing jobs also obtained a degree in psychology, social work, or other related subjects.

Some jobs can also be filled by people who are already working in the healthcare field. Mental health nurses, clinical counselors, and other healthcare professionals can segue their skills into creating content. 

How to get Mental Health Writing Jobs?

To get mental health writing jobs, you need to have good writing skills and extensive knowledge of mental health topics. Click here to learn how to obtain a writing job with no experience. To show your expertise in mental health writing you need to create a portfolio. A portfolio for mental health writing jobs is a collection of previously published articles.

How to create a portfolio for Mental Health Writing Jobs

There are many ways to create a portfolio for mental health writing jobs. Here are 4 ideas:

1. Guest Posting

You can write blogs or articles for reputable health and wellness blogs. Here are some reputable sites you can write content for: 

2. Nonprofits

Many non-profit organizations will not have room in their budget to pay you, but having a published article on their website will be perfect for your portfolio. 

3. LinkedIn

Did you know that you can publish your own articles on Linkedin? Anyone is able to write and publish their own articles. This is a very easy way to publish your own work, network, and attract mental health writing jobs. 

4. Start Your Own Blog

One of the best ways to start your own portfolio is by creating your own blog. This is a great way to show your creativity and writing skills. You can focus on any type of health topic you would like.

Where can I get Mental Health Writing Jobs?

Mental health writing jobs - woman writing You can do mental health writing jobs anywhere. If you prefer to work in an office setting, you can work on the staff of a mental health publication. If you like a more flexible schedule that allows you to work from your couch, you can work as a freelancer. Working as a freelancer allows you to write for different outlets on a freelance or contract basis. 


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