When Is It Time To Hire A LandLord Tenant Attorney Near Me?

landlord attorney near meWhen it comes to handling landlord-tenant conflicts, there’s not always a straightforward answer. From negotiations, to drafting an agreement, to gathering the right paperwork, it’s difficult to approach these situations without professional help. That’s why it helps to hire a landlord tenant attorney near me.

Landlord-tenant attorneys specialize in both landlord attorney services and tenant attorney services, which means there can be a number of situations where hiring a lawyer is applicable. Let’s take a look at how you know it’s time to hire a landlord tenant attorney near me.

What Can A Landlord Attorney Do For Me?

If you are a landlord with only a few properties, you likely don’t have an attorney on staff or even on retainer when you need help. But, as conflicts arise and escalate, it’s critical to have a legal expert to help you during this process.

Evictions are a common issue that may require a landlord tenant attorney near me to intervene for help. If this is your first eviction, you may want legal expertise to ensure you file the right paperwork and give your tenant enough time to vacate before you take further action. In some cases, the tenant will fight the eviction and may even hire their own lawyer, which means you could be taken to court. Or, maybe the tenant is an employee of yours who you are firing, which requires more steps and paperwork that an attorney near me can help with. Sometimes, the tenant is filing for bankruptcy which complicates the process. Either way, you must comply with housing rules and rent control throughout this process. A landlord tenant attorney near me will have a firm grasp on these rules, and will ensure you perform the eviction process correctly. 

Other situations where you may hire a landlord attorney include if you are being sued for discrimination, if you are used for injury or illness, or if you are sued for major property damage. If you are struggling with one or more of these problems, contact a landlord attorney near me.

What Can A Tenant Attorney Do For Me?

Tenant attorneys will fight on behalf of you as a tenant to ensure you are treated fairly. If you are facing eviction, a tenant attorney can come up with a legal strategy should you choose to fight it. This can include proving wrongful treatment, discrimination, or unfair circumstances. 

Sometimes, landlords do not make necessary repairs on the property you are renting. Overtime, this can lead to serious issues. If your heater breaks down and your landlord doesn’t fix it, the winter months can be potentially dangerous for you. Hiring a tenant attorney near me will help you mitigate this problem. In other circumstances, the property you are renting may cause damage to your personal items. This is another situation that needs to be handled by a legal professional. 

If you feel you are being discriminated against by your landlord, or you are suffering losses and damages that are a direct result of the property you are renting, contact a landlord tenant attorney near me today. 

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