Why You Should Buy Used Laundry Equipment

Industries across the country are beginning to invest more resources in automated processes and machines.

Automated machines streamline factory operations by cutting down on time, cost, and labor. In the industrial laundry equipment industry, automated washers, dryers, and linen press machines optimize the laundry process without adding additional labor costs.

Used Laundry Equipment Near Me OhioWhile automated processes sound appealing, what about the cost? Frequently, extra equipment that isn’t needed anymore is tossed in a dumpster or left to rust. When used equipment is refurbished and able to work again, it avoids creating more waste.

While “used” doesn’t have a positive connotation, used laundry equipment is ideal for saving money on expensive machines while still buying equipment that lasts. Keep reading to learn more about why used laundry equipment is a good investment.

Benefits of Used Laundry Equipment

#1 Cost-Efficient

The obvious and most compelling reason for buying used laundry equipment is saving money. Everyone wants to have impressive machines in their laundry facility, but what if you don’t have the budget for that? Used laundry equipment suppliers have a variety of used washers and dryers that still work at peak performance despite being moved from previous facilities.

Used laundry parts help you save money with discounted prices and increase efficiency. If you don’t have the budget for new laundry equipment right now, consider investing in used laundry equipment to slowly upgrade your laundry facility.

#2 Improved Labor Efficiency

With used laundry parts installed at your facility, you can focus on utilizing your employees in more efficient ways. Used industrial laundry equipment is larger and can handle more processes, which means you won’t need as many employees controlling smaller machinery. Used laundry parts also help to automate and optimize processes.

Only one person is needed to feed linens into a flatwork ironer. Plus, the machines automatically steam and fold the linens instead of an employee having to load them into a separate machine. With fewer employees working with each machine, their efficiency can be applied to other tasks.

#3 Environmentally Friendly

Another simple but obvious advantage to equipment like used continuous washers is they’re environmentally friendly. By purchasing used laundry equipment, you are giving a used machine another use.

Used Laundry Equipment Akron OhioInvesting in new laundry machines for your facility is expensive, but thankfully used laundry equipment is a great solution to optimize your facility while saving money.

Old machine parts and pieces constantly end up in our landfills, filling them with metals and hardware that will take hundreds of years to break down. Even if the entire machine itself cannot be used, its used laundry parts can be used to improve or repair other machines.

Taking care of the environment even in an industrial facility should be the main priority for all laundry facilities.

#4 Quicker Uptime

Used Laundry Equipment Used Laundry PartsWhen you purchase used equipment like used continuous washers, you’re buying equipment that your operators are most likely familiar with from previous jobs or operations. Used equipment will have similar controls and technology to equipment that you’ve already encountered.

When you buy brand new equipment, you run the risk of buying a washer or dryer with advanced controls and technology that you aren’t familiar with. You will need to make time for training with your team to ensure everyone knows how to operate the new equipment.

Used Laundry Equipment Is Ideal For Your Facility

When you buy used laundry parts, you’re guaranteed a machine that will optimize your processes, save on costs, improve labor efficiency, keep metal out of the landfills, and be recognized by your employees. If you want to upgrade your laundry facility, reach out to a used laundry equipment supplier for the best products.

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