Slickline Wire | Specifications, Application, and More

Slickline wire is a single strand wire that can deliver and retrieve tools downhole. Slickline wireline can be used to recover tools like plugs, gauges, and values, making it popular in the oil and gas industry. That’s because oil and gas applications often require tools to be run into a wellbore, which means you need slickline wire that is long and easy to maneuver.

Slickline wire looks long and smooth, and is usually unbraided and shiny or silver in appearance. It can be specified to different applications, with some slickline wire going up to 35,000 feet in length. This wire needs to withstand all the challenges of operating in the oil and gas industry, so it’s engineered for durability.

If you’re looking for a slickline wire manufacturer, or just want to learn more about this wire type, we’ve got you covered.

Slickline Wire Versus Wirelines

You may have heard of wirelines as another type of slickline wireline. This description isn’t totally accurate. As mentioned, slickline wire is used to adjust and move equipment within a wellbore. Slickline wire is raised and lowered hydraulically using specialized equipment.

slickline wirelineOn the other hand, wirelines are electric cables that transmit data through a well. Wireline is an electric-style wire that can gather data activity in a well and communicate between parties. This is different from slickline wire, which does not have electric transmission capabilities.

While the two wire types are different, they are often used in the same well environments due to their ability to be easily raised and lowered.

Slickline Wire Specifications

If you are looking for a manufacturer of slickline wire, you should establish your slickline wire specifications. These are measurements like overall length and diameter. When it comes to manufacturing slickline wire, it’s better to keep the diameter as small as possible for several reasons:

  • A small diameter keeps the slickline wire lighter in weight
  • A small diameter provides a small cross-section are for operation under pressure
  • Slickline wire can be run over smaller diameter sheaves without overstressing by bending

However, a smaller diameter on slickline wire does sacrifice some level of strength. If you have an application that requires the wire to pull hard on a tool, or consistently lift heavy loads, you may not want a small diameter.

The other obvious specification is the length of slickline wireline, which will depend on the specific application. Many slickline wire manufacturers will give you the option to buy bulk wire, which can prove advantageous in oil and gas industries. Sometimes, a tool gets dropped or an issue happens, so having backup slickline wireline eliminates the need for a brand new order.

If you have these slickline wire specifications, such as diameter and length, determined beforehand, then you’ll have better luck finding a manufacturer.

Finding Slickline Wire Manufacturers

If you’re looking for slickline wire manufacturers, do your research and never hesitate to ask questions about material and wire quality. Environments in the oil and gas industries can vary greatly in temperature and climate, which is why you need slickline wire that’s able to withstand extreme environments. Ask about slickline wire that’s able to perform well in harsh oil, gas, and geothermal conditions.

wire companyIf you’re looking for slickline wire and wireline, you may be able to find both from the same manufacturer. Or, the right slickline wire manufacturer can at least help you find a wireline producer.

Now that you know the basics of slickline wire, it’s time to find a provider!

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