An oilless food grade pump tends to be ideal for applications in which oil contamination could be dangerous, such as medicine or food production, for example. Dry pumps can accommodate booster pumps to both increase capacity and widen food-grade pump ranges. It is critical to remember an oilless food grade pump does not always offer the same consistency of flow as an oil-flooded pump.

On the other hand, an oil-flooded food grade pump is often useful for tasks that require high volume efficiency, such as packaging or thermoforming, for example. This type also accommodates booster pumps. However, waste oil can present serious health hazards without proper handling.

The key to ensuring the reliable function of either an oil-flooded or oilless food-grade pump is consistent maintenance. Be sure to make walk-around checks both before and after every use to look for damage. It is also important to keep all pumps and surrounding areas clean and free of debris to prevent contamination and keep all applicable manuals accessible; use a soft cloth to wipe surfaces clean. You should also have all manufacturer contact information accessible for necessary maintenance and repair and the use of bubble traps to remove air. What is a bubble trap? Learn more about that use and application of a bubble trap on the Unibloc website.

If you and your team have been planning to implement an oil-flooded food grade pump, then you will need to replace oil on a consistent basis to maintain efficiency. As a general rule, replace pump oil every 3,000 hours of use. Pump oil darkens as it degrades; be sure to replace oil well before it becomes significantly dark.

Effective maintenance also includes keeping up with internal inspections. Be sure to disassemble and inspect all pumps on a regular basis, depending on manufacturer recommendations. Keep a written record of all inspection dates.

About Unibloc Pumps Corporation | Oilless Food grade Pump

Unibloc Pumps Corporation is a force for both excellence and innovation in the manufacture of fluid movement solutions. Overall, the Unibloc Pumps of Canada team commits to constant evolution in design and consistent product quality.  Significantly, the company contributes quality equipment for tasks across a diverse range of industries.

In fact, some of these fields include environmental applications, medicine, aerospace, electronics and food processing. If you have been looking for a durable oilless food grade pump, then connect with Unibloc Pumps.

Food and beverage processing products available from Unibloc:

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