For Longer Pump Life, Bubble Traps and Strainers are Essential

Bubble trap model from UniblocThe presence of air bubbles in fluidic flows can lead to some significant problems because they change the intrinsic properties of the environment unexpectedly. They can increase the pressure suddenly in a controlled system, leading to force variations, resulting in changes to the compliance of the system, blocking small channels.

Gas bubbles present in a liquid sample are prevalent enough to be known as a problem for numerous microfluidic experiments; their removal using bubble traps is often a great challenge. Gas bubbles can impact experimental operations by damaging equipment and harming samples of interest, causing a degree of error.

  • Bubbles can cause trouble when allowing components like sensors and chromatography columns to dry.
  • Bubbles inside a biological reactor often increase shear stress and induce cytotoxicity.
  • Bubbles can also cause errors during pipetting and sampling.

If you want to get rid of unwanted air bubbles and other contaminants in your food pumps, you need a bubble trap.

How Do Bubble Traps Work?

Bubble trap diagramBubble Traps use a microporous PTFE membrane. When fluids containing gas bubbles, or any other kind of bubble, are pushed through to the trap, they come up against hydrophobic membranes that let absolutely no liquid pass. This results in the air leaving the line. Even when there is a low pressure available, it is possible to get rid of bubbles in the fluid. The liquid sample must be pushed to the bubble trap inlet, and not aspirated from the outlet, because it would create bubbles this way.

Traps can be used inline, parallel to pipelines, to remove bubbles and secure any application where bubbles could impact results or damage samples. Bubble traps remove air bubbles from watery solutions either in-line or downstream in the system. This ensures foods and beverages are not contaminated, ensuring your facility meets FDA guidelines.

Combine Bubble Traps and Strainers with Your Pumps

Placing a bubble trap in front of food-grade pumps and sanitary strainers on your processing line will improve your flow and make for more even processing.

What Is a Sanitary Strainer?

A sanitary strainer is a filter of various housing styles that are set aside from regular strainers, due to the more rigorous standards required to get the “sanitary” label. Piping is generally Clamped IDF or Bevel Seat amongst others. Opening covers can be either quick-opening or standard, depending on the requirements. Filter elements are various for their use.

Like baskets in a Continuous process, tubes filter Continuously as well. The difference is that there are Perforated Baskets, Mesh Filters, or Wedge Wire filtering depending on what the machine does and where it is used. These are easy to clean and maintain as well as “clean in place” (CIP) if using stainless steel 316L. Stainless Steel is one of the most common alloys, but others may be available.

Sanitary strainers have several benefits for food, pharmaceuticals, and beverages. They are a crucial tool in the proper handling of food products.

  • A 3A certified construction allows for product purity while also being easy to clean and maintain.
  • Baskets and Tubular Elements are suited for retaining various types of particles from 5 microns to those that are even smaller.
  • Fluids with high viscosity can be accommodated with a minimal pressure differential, backwash measures available as necessary.

Unibloc | The Best Bubble Traps & Food-Grade Pumps Available

Unibloc Pump has been a leader in food-grade pump manufacturing for over 30 years. We pioneered the application of an all-stainless steel housing and base plate in our food pumps to minimize the number of parts that require USDA approval.

Our innovation and engineering team tackles problems in the food processing, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

We offer a variety of high-quality food-grade gear pumps tailored towards industry needs. We might not be the largest manufacturer around, but we have the staff to meet tough demands and are eager to work with you in any way that we can.

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