What Exactly Do You Mean by Dragon’s Breath? | Dragon Breath Near Me

If you are going to your browser to search for “dragon breath near me,” you are likely looking for one of three things. You might be looking for gourmet garlic, or you might be looking for a special novelty treat made with liquid nitrogen, or on the other end of the spectrum ammunition. If you search like so many of us do for “dragon breath near me,” the results might be confusing or even frustrating, so here is some information to help you narrow down your search.

Garlic From Dragon Breath Near Me

dragon breath near meIf you are looking for Dragon Breath garlic, you are looking for garlic that is grown on a Northeast Ohio farm. To earn the adjective “gourmet,” a lot of attention is put into the care of these bulb plants. They are planted by hand and are never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. The individual plants are harvested by hand, hung in the barn to dry, and are inspected for quality before being sent to your table. Search for “Dragon Breath Near Me” to find highly-qualified garlic.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using garlic from Dragon Breath Near Me. A truly good gourmet garlic can turn a simple dish like crockpot garlic chicken into something truly special and memorable. You can also use the “scapes” or leafy parts of garlic to make numerous recipes. Scapes are a favorite in Appalachia and everyone seeks them out when spring arrives.

The OTHER Dragon’s Breath Liquid Nitrogen Treats From Dragon Breath Near Me

Not everyone is looking for gourmet garlic when they search for “dragon breath near me.” In fact, you might be hoping to find something much less spicy. Dragon Breath is also a novelty dessert that was created in LA in 2008, another invention we can thank California for. The treat, which is made with a light and airy crisp, like cereal, is combined with liquid nitrogen, and has quickly spread around the world. The name “Dragon Breath” was trademarked in 2017 by a company called Chocolate Chair. This means that even though many locations claim to serve dragon breath treats, there is only one real deal. The name comes from the fact that if you eat the treats one at a time (if you can), the steam from the liquid nitrogen makes it look like you are wreathed in smoke.

One thing to be cautious about is that you get your unique fire-breathing treat from a credible place that knows 100% what they are doing. Liquid nitrogen is still liquid nitrogen and can be very dangerous if you aren’t sure how to use it properly. A fun experience that makes it look like you are a happy dragon can turn into a very negative experience if you are served the wrong kind of recipe.

Hopefully that assists you in finding what you need when you search for dragon breath near me. Adding “garlic” or “ice cream” should help narrow your search even further. Results might also differ depending on whether you are using your smart phone or a desktop/laptop platform. Phones are more apt to provide results based on location where you may get more informational results on a computer.

For the Finale, Dragon’s Breath Ammuntion

By searching for “Dragon Breath Near Me,” you may also see some articles about firearms. In the crazy world of firearms, the “Dragon’s Breath” has been highly controversial, and even has proposed legislation to ban it.  Promising to turn a shotgun into a 3-second flame thrower, it’s received mixed reviews from gun enthusiasts.  The advertisements boast “exotic, fast-burning, high-temperature metals more than 100 yards downrange, totally engulfing your objective in a momentary fireball with absolutely no harm to your shotgun!”

Individual tests provided less dramatic results than advertisements.  The results were more theatrical similar to very loud fireworks than one would envision a fireball or flamethrower to accomplish. Although anything fired from a shotgun has the potential to be lethal, including Dragon’s Breath ammunition, the expected devastation was not quite there.

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