garden center marketingThe best place to start when it comes to marketing is figuring out what type of business you are running. Do you have a brick and mortar location? Do you need help with garden center marketing? Are customers coming in the door, or do they need an online presence where your store exists on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as e-commerce platforms such as Amazon Marketplace?

Once these questions have been answered then marketers should focus on determining which strategies will work for their particular company’s needs – whether that be traditional advertising methods through newspapers, radio stations, billboards etc., or more interactive options including SEO optimization so people actually find them with search engines instead. There are endless possibilities available.

The modern-day retailer’s goal is to get the customer in their store and keep them coming back. There are many ways for retailers to do this, but they all have one thing in common: getting customers through your doors so that you can make a sale before they’re out of there for good!

Here we’ll explore how as an effective retailer today, it takes more than just acquiring new shoppers; it also entails retaining those who already frequent our stores by utilizing loyalty programs which encourage repeat business with discounts or personalized offers based on shopping habits or preferences. We must not forget about expanding online product variety while targeting marketing campaigns towards specific demographics at certain locations where sufficient numbers exist.

1. Garden center marketing starts with getting an amazing online presence

Garden center marketing campaigns begins with creating a website. Garden center website design not only makes your business more professional, but also gives you flexibility and control over how it is presented to customers. For small businesses on a tight budget that can’t afford pricey designers or web developers, there are easy to use builders and templates.  If you’re beyond startup and ready to take your business to the next level, reach out to our partners at Bloom for greenhouse web design.

If your business doesn’t have an ecommerce website or a strong social media presence (or both), then are missing out on hella lot of customers!
In Q2 Walmart’s Online sales increased by 97%. Amazon posted 40% growth in their revenues and profit for the same quarter. But its not just these big guys benefiting from consumers’ need to shop more. It also works for garden center marketing! For the best garden center websites, reach out to our partners at Bloom.

2. Ramp up your garden center marketing with social media

It’s no secret that brick-and-mortar stores are having a hard time in the digital age. Customers now have unprecedented access to information online before making an offline purchase at one of your competitors’ locations. Researching first is not enough anymore– you need social media marketing too! Social media is an essential part to garden center marketing.

Your customers will be digitally empowered with all their research materials when they walk into the the area where you’re located if you’ve been posting videos regularly onto YouTube showcasing new products and inviting people out for events. The more content supporters see shared by businesses such as yours the more it will impact your in-store foot traffic.

Social media marketing can do wonders for your garden center marketing. These are just a few of the great ideas that you should use to get started.

• Save time by utilizing a social media strategy
• Gain insights into the customer experience
• Create valuable relationships via social media in order to have customers come back
• Entertain and further personalize your brand

Garden center marketing can benefit from preselling all areas of your garden center and those high-margin add-ons, cross-sells and upsells prior to the visit. Use video testimonials, tips or tricks for plant care, as well as events that are happening at other times in order to build excitement and awareness through any channel you have available.

If a customer is interested enough in plants they might not purchase anything but could be enticed by learning more about something like how best to feed their new pet with videos on Instagram such as “How To Feed Your Cat: A Guide”. If there’s an event coming up soon related even tangentially then getting them excited using content from social media can generate interest before it happens so customers who would never make it.  Get all the design, branding, marketing and messaging support you need from Bloom, a greenhouse marketing agency.

3. Allow customers to order online with curbside pickup

Drive-thru pickup is now available to any business with a brick and mortar location. Curbside platforms streamline the process for staff so they can focus on customer service, while also providing smooth deliveries that make it easier than ever before!

Save time at your brick-and-mortar store by offering customers an easy drive thru experience using contactless curbside pickups. The platform allows you to geo fence arrival notifications which means guests know exactly when their order will be ready – giving them plenty of time to go grab some coffee or browse around in your shop without having worry about missing out on what was supposed show up as soon as they arrived!

4. Boost your local SEO so you’re found on Google for a 30 mile radius | Garden center marketing

Local SEO is a fantastic way to increase visibility in your local area, especially for garden venter marketing. This can be especially important for brick-and-mortar businesses who are looking at ways to grow their bottom line through increased online sales conversions from customers close by. Whether you’re an established retailer or just starting out, this strategy will help convert more of the people searching for products and services near them into paying customers.

Local SEO is a vital component of digital marketing strategy, even garden center marketing. This type of optimization helps local shoppers find your retail store in search engine results, which will bring you more traffic and sales from this demographic segment. Localized SEO techniques are just as important for offline stores to help attract people into the physical location by presenting it prominently on Google Maps or giving them directions when they’re nearby with their phone’s GPS-tracking system turned on so that it knows exactly where they are (and how much closer).

To learn more about garden center marketing, reach out to our partners at Bloom.

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