Your Plants and Business Can Grow Together

Woman using her laptop | Garden web designDeveloping a strong marketing strategy is important for any business, but it’s especially crucial for small businesses. Just like every industry, there are general guidelines for how to market your business, but every industry is slightly different. The garden center industry is just as complex as any other.

Some suggestions may work for your garden center marketing, and others won’t. Your strategy will need to fit your business and goals. Large-scale facilities and small local businesses both exist in the garden industry, and if you want to expand your garden center business, you need to tailor your marketing to best suit your unique situation.

Marketing is a key component of growing your business, and putting effort into your marketing will prove beneficial in no time. Consider these 8 garden center marketing ideas while you’re mapping out your new strategies.

#1 Google Is Your Friend

Google is one of the most important tools in your garden center marketing and SEO strategy. As you optimize your garden center web design with informative blog posts and relevant links, your website will start to rise on Google’s search engine results and reach more users. You can also register your garden center with Google My Business by adding your contact information, website address, social media handles, and photos.

#2 Publish Usable Resources

Person looking at plant images on their phone | Garden center marketing ideasIf you already have a blog set up, you’re on the right track to communicating with your garden center customers. You can take it one step further, though, by adding educational resources.

Not everyone is born with a green thumb, so include things that may help beginners. Some examples include infographics, ebooks, pamphlets, or other free, downloaded material.

Create an infographic about how to re-pot a plant or a pamphlet about your landscaping services. Informational and beginner material are both garden center website design features that will help optimize your marketing.

If you are unsure about how you want to build your blog and its content, check out these blogging tips for beginners.

#3 Host Free Educational Events

Woman carrying a potted plant in a nursery | Garden center designAlong with informational and educational content on your website, consider hosting free educational events at your garden center. Not only will this attract clients to your store, but you’ll also be providing them with information they can use to further purchase items from your garden center.

Some events to consider:

  • How to re-pot plants
  • Seasonal wreath designs
  • Developing a garden design
  • Designing a rock garden
  • Building water features
  • Vase arrangements

#4 Order Business Cards

Getting your name out there as a small business owner is crucial for garden center marketing. Having business cards handy makes it simple to pass on your name and company wherever you go.

Be sure to include on your card:

  • Logo
  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Tagline or message
  • Job title
  • Website
  • Social media handles
  • Contact details

#5 Advertise Everywhere

Another great way to get your name out there is to advertise with stickers, car magnets, or local art. The more people that see your garden center advertising out and about, the more likely they are to connect with your business.

If there is a large art scene following in your local area, consider partnering with local artists for commissioned paintings or murals to promote your garden center.

#6 Attend Local Events

So many towns and cities have special fairs and celebrations; find one in your local area to support. This is another great way to promote your garden center and get your name out there.

Promote your garden center advertising by passing out the business cards and stickers from above. Or, create small gift bags to pass out with items from your garden center.

#7 Promote Awareness Causes

Every month has multiple dedicated awareness causes. Participating in events or campaigns is a great way to show your garden center’s support. Try getting your customer base involved as well.

Below are a few month examples:

  • January – Blood Donor Month
  • April – Autism Awareness Month
  • May – Asthma Awareness Month
  • August – Bone Cancer Awareness Month
  • October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • December – Drug & Alcohol Prevention

#8 Recognize Your Loyal Customers

At the end of the day, your customers are what drive your garden center marketing. They come to you for all of their gardening needs, bring their friends who want to learn more, and spread your name when they’re happy with the results. Think about that one loyal customer that always comes to you to buy her potting soil and new house plant or the customer that eventually turns all of her friends into more loyal customers.

Find a way to recognize and appreciate that person. Consider creating a “Customer of the Month” campaign. Utilize email or social media to nominate customers and reveal winners. This is a great way to create an incentive to come to your garden center more, while also showing your appreciation for customers.

Ready, Set, Grow!

Now that you’ve learned some ways to promote your garden center marketing, you’re ready to grow your business. By incorporating each of these new garden center marketing ideas, you’ll be sharing your name and company throughout numerous different sources. Remember to give each idea time to work, and you’ll be seeing progress in no time!

Person holding a flower in a front of several potted flowers | Garden center advertising
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