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If your garage flooring is currently bare and without protection, it is exposed to many forms of wear and tear. You can properly defend your flooring with the help of OGI’s industrial epoxy floor coating. Ohio Garage Interiors is a leading provider of residential, industrial, and commercial flooring installation for Northeast Ohio.

ADVAN Design and OGI work together to help Ohio home and business owners find the high-quality flooring installation services they need with pricing they can afford. We give OGI the tools they need to compete in an ever-expanding digital market, so they can more effectively reach their current customers and attract new ones.

Protecting your garage flooring

OGI’s epoxy is the most durable garage floor option on the market. So, it can defend your flooring from many potential hazards. If you leave your garage flooring unprotected, many defects and damages will begin to occur.

Cracks introduce tripping hazards, increase dust buildup, and enable bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow. Furthermore, garage flooring in industrial and commercial facilities will absorb pollutants and chemicals in the environment. As a result, the flooring will leave employees and visitors vulnerable to more serious health hazards. You will also need to perform many expensive repairs to fix these issues.

Deeper cracks introduce even more significant issues in addition to the other. They increase the likelihood that concrete will break, especially in facilities with intense, heavy-duty vehicle traffic.

However, OGI can install a high-strength industrial epoxy floor coating to protect your garage flooring. They offer unparalleled experience in the garage flooring industry, so you will receive exceptional precision and high-quality products.

Not convinced? Check out these 3 reasons why you should choose OGI’s industrial epoxy floor coating:

1. Superior protection

OGI’s flooring consists of polyaspartic polyurea. These materials create an ironclad defense against incoming damage, so this epoxy is the ideal solution for protecting garage floors

Their epoxy offers excellent protection against mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, chemicals, abrasions, and other forms of wear and tear. OGI flooring also has impermeability to water, dirt, dust, and stains, so cleaning and maintenance are easier.

Additionally, this industrial epoxy floor coating is designed to protect against hazards unique to industrial facilities. Commercial and industrial concrete floors receive the following advantages from OGI flooring:

  • Foot Traffic Protection
  • Forklift Traffic Protection
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Protection from Industrial Equipment Impacts

From Ohio homes to high-traffic industrial facilities, OGI offers the strongest garage flooring solutions available.

2. Competitive pricing

OGI also offers pricing to fit within the budgets of both residential and industrial clients. Commercial and industrial pricing goes as low as $2 per square foot depending on the size of the facility. The larger the flooring space, the lower the cost.

Residential customers pay $3 per square foot for epoxy without polymer. This pricing applies to both garages and basements.

Additional charges may apply for some customized options.

3. More reliable than DIY

Many home and business owners believe DIY is the best solution for their garage flooring needs. The common misconception is that DIY will save you money in the long run by cutting out the middleman and reducing material costs. However, DIY actually costs more than professional-grade epoxy.

DIY epoxy paint will result in a variety of serious issues. When compared to OGI’s industrial epoxy floor coating, DIY materials are significantly weaker and degrade much more quickly. As a result, home and business owners have to spend money on expensive repairs to maintain their flooring. Choosing to hire a professional flooring company like OGI can help you avoid these extra costs.

Ohio Garage Interiors will give you flooring that resists wear and tear. Although these services seem more expensive initially, they save you much more money in the long run.

These materials offer exceptional longevity and durability. So, your flooring looks better and lasts longer without the need for frequent maintenance. You also receive the expertise and precision of seasoned garage flooring installation contractors.

Key features and advantages | Industrial epoxy floor coating

Quick and Easy Cleaning: 

OGI’s industrial floor coatings have an impermeable, non-slip surface, so cleaning is quicker, easier, and safer. They also prevent dirt, dust, and stains from settling. You can clean virtually any mess or spill with a quick mopping or vacuuming.

Strength and Longevity: 

Mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, corrosion chemicals, abrasions, foot traffic, and vehicle traffic are no match for OGI’s industrial epoxy floor coating. OGI customers receive more value through longer lifespans and exceptional durability.


Clients of OGI also have the unique opportunity to customize their new garage flooring. Select options from our line of solid color and metallic finishes, or personalize your own decorative flake flooring system. Our DecoFlake system offers many colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, so you can create the perfect flooring for your home or facility.

Precision Installation:

Many other garage flooring companies in Ohio offer one-day installation services. Although this seems like an incredible convenience, these services are unnecessary, inaccurate, and expensive. As a result, you will receive flooring with serious defects that require costly repairs.

OGI, however, performs thorough two-day installations for garage flooring. So, the materials can properly cure and bond to the underlying concrete. Their precise installation methods will also ensure you get flooring that is free of defects with competitive pricing. Additionally, they offer a Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

On-site Inspection & Free Quotes: 

Schedule an on-site inspection or send us photos of your garage flooring, and we can give you a quote free of charge!

Local Contractors: 

As a locally owned and operated flooring company, OGI can promise each customer they will never have to deal with subcontractors. OGI wants every customer to receive high-quality service from genuine OGI contractors.

ADVAN Design | Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating | Ohio Garage Interiors

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Digital marketing can be difficult to implement for many smaller Ohio companies. However, without digital marketing, they lose access to a massive pool of online customers and their ability to compete. So, ADVAN Design works to offer effective and affordable digital marketing services for small to midsize Ohio businesses.

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Looking to install an industrial epoxy floor coating or perform garage flooring repair? Learn more about Ohio Garage Interiors on the ADVAN Design Blog or visit their website.

Industrial epoxy floor coating

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