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We have all by now heard the term “big data.” Although companies certainly have to deal with a lot of data these days, the word “big” does not refer to how much data is analyzed as much as it refers to how many different types of data need to be analyzed. As a fleet manager, you are all too familiar with this conundrum. Most industry insiders will readily agree that the analytics a fleet manager oversees is too much for one person to handle, especially if the company has not shifted to newer technology.

The likelihood of finding a person or company who can handle this data tracking is small. What you really need is a consulting company that offers analytics among its fleet consulting services.

The Analytics Tools You Need

fleet consulting servicesAn independent fleet management consulting company will approach your business with customized solutions as opposed to cookie-cutter sales pitches. A good consultant will ask what facets of your analytics you struggle with. Perhaps it is quarterly or annual fleet planning and replacement analysis. Maybe you are behind on evaluating the full utilization of your fleet, or how to make your fleet more efficient. Do you have information on contract compliance at your fingertips? What about performance measurement?

Based on your current status and where your pain points are, a good fleet management consulting company will connect you with the tools you need to move the needle forward. In some cases, the company will offer you proprietary tools they have developed over the years. In other cases, the consulting company may simply show you how to advance the capabilities of tools you already have at hand.

Why Go Independent?

fleet management consulting companyWith so much data to handle that is integral to your business operations, it is important that your consultant does not create more work for you. You do not want to have to wade through sales pitches or unobjective advice when time is of the essence. That is why when choosing a fleet management consulting company, your best bet is to find a company that is independent of any commercial ties.

While the company is likely to push their own proprietary tools as part of their fleet management consulting services, their ultimate objective is to sell their assistance and expertise to you, and that means they will recommend what they feel will be the biggest difference-maker for you. Other companies will not guarantee they can do this.

Big data is big enough as it is. When you are ready to seek help, you want that help to be filtered, efficient, and objective. Think about searching for independent fleet management consulting companies as you begin your exploration.

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