The Top 4 Plastic Manufacturers in Ohio for Quality Custom Parts

Whether you need custom parts for medical, construction, agricultural, or other applications, plastic components can prove more cost-effective than metal parts. Plastic parts are lighter in weight than metal parts, which is especially advantageous for teams who want to cut down on shipping costs or make products more aerodynamic.

Manufacturers also rarely deal with supply issues when it comes to plastic products, while metal shortages are common.

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Companies benefit from more material options when they choose to work with plastic instead of metal. This allows manufacturers to meet more specific requirements. Plastic also accommodates more fabrication methods than metal materials; metal often requires more processing than plastic, and this can take time and money. Methods like plastic computer numerical control (CNC) machining and plastic injection molding can accommodate complex designs and a range of materials.

What if you haven’t customized custom plastic parts? While it may seem overwhelming to choose a partner plastic fabrication company, you can maximize your return on investment when you take the time to research potential collaborators and figure out what you need from a partnership.

To get the most out of a partnership with a plastic fabrication company, establish your goals and work with a team who is most compatible. Consider how long you will need to work with a fabrication company. What secondary services might you need?

To help you get started, let’s take a look at our top picks for plastic manufacturing companies in Ohio.

#1 Jaco Products

When your project requires a comprehensive plastic fabrication solution, Middlefield, Ohio’s own Jaco Products should be your first choice. For more than seven decades, the company has been a go-to resource for custom plastic parts.

Where another fabricator would limit customers’ design possibilities with a narrow manufacturing focus, Jaco Products provides a one-stop-shop for plastic fabrication. Along with other methods, customers count on the Jaco Products team for premier CNC plastic machining services and plastic injection molding capabilities. Jaco Products customizes the parts that other plastic manufacturing companies “no quote.”

plastic manufacturers in Ohio part sample

The team implements the most current in both computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD) technologies to ensure the highest possible levels of product quality. Jaco Products is ISO 9001:2008-certified and compliant with the Society of Plastic Industry (SPI) standards for maintenance and control of molds for plastic injection molding.

Jaco Products distinguishes itself from its competitors by keeping all manufacturing and employment in the United States. When teams partner with Jaco Products, they stimulate economies in Ohio and across the country.

Material selection is everything when it comes to the success of an investment in custom plastic parts, and the team from Jaco Products realizes this. Jaco Products customers benefit from an industry-leading material selection. The company has earned a reputation as an asset to electrical insulation companies through leading customization of high-temperature materials like Polysulfone and Ultem. Along with these materials, Jaco Products customizes Delrin, nylon, Teflon, Udel, PEEK, and a variety of thermoplastics and thermosets.

No matter how intricate your product design and no matter the scale of the task at hand, you can depend on the Jaco Products team to deliver. Simply visit today to find out how the Jaco Products team can help you customize quality plastic parts for your next project.

#2 Ohio Precision Molding

Ohio Precision Molding provides the ideal solution for any company’s plastic injection molding needs. For more than twenty years, Ohio Precision Molding has provided a full range of design, engineering, prototyping, and tooling solutions for companies of all kinds. Depend on the team from Ohio Precision Molding for expert customization of PVC, Acetal, ABS, and more.

Ohio Precision Molding’s design team combines 3-D CAD solid modeling, 2-D CAD, and Moldflow software to produce the most functional products possible for the customer. Customers also count on Ohio Precision Molding for expert material selection insight.

#3 Mar-Bal, Inc.

Do you need custom plastic parts to add to your company’s global operations? Mar-Bal, Inc. can help. Companies count on Mar-Bal, Inc. for leading plastic molding capabilities for transportation, food service, appliance, and electronics applications.

In addition to the company’s Ohio location, the company keeps a facility in Taizhou, China and an Asia Sales office in Shanghai to meet manufacturers’ needs on an international scale. Look to the team from Mar-Bal, Inc, for expert design insight, quality customizations, and competitive prices.

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#4 Denney Plastics Machining

Count on New Philadephia, Ohio’s Denney Plastics Machining for reliable customization of pump components, food processing parts, automated packaging solutions, and ball valve seats. For short runs of plastic parts or part prototyping, Denney Plastics Machining is the right choice. The company offers an extensive material selection that includes nylon, VHMW, Radel, HDPE, and more.

The Denney Plastics Machining team maintains automatic screw machines with spindle sizes that range from ½” to 3” as well as CNC turning centers and milling machines. This machinery setup along with a commitment to product quality ensure parts are traceable and compliant with various industry standards. Customers count on Dennery Plastics Machining for fast turnaround times and can often receive finished products within less than two weeks of the start of the manufacturing process.

plastic manufacturers in Ohio part sample

The Right Plastic Manufacturing Company for Your Goals

Need to find reliable plastic manufacturers in Ohio?

A plastic manufacturing company can become a valuable contact for your company for future projects when you take the time to establish your goals and compare potential partner plastic fabricators. When you consider the aspects beyond the cost of a partnership, you invest in the quality of your finished products.



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