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The Power Of Business Card Design

Take a look in your wallet, and you’ll probably find at least one business card. If you find more than one, try comparing the two. Are they different? Does one stand out from the other? Is there something memorable about each business card?

Maybe your answer to this is no, every card looks the same, there’s no defining feature of each. Unfortunately, this is the case for most business cards. They all include basic contact information, name, phone number, and the company name on a white paper background. Why would one be any better than the rest? Now take a look at your business card. Is it memorable? Is there a way to improve it using quality business card design?

Why Do Business Cards Matter?

Simply put — business cards are important. They are a great way to showcase your expertise, background, and what sets you apart. However, business cards only work effectively if they draw potential customers in, and show them why they should choose you. Discounts and other offers only go so far. You need a strong business card to convey why customers should pick you for your products and services.

 A business card can be one of your most valuable tools that you get to leave in the hands of your potential customers. Wanting to make a lasting impression is paramount, and making your card stand out is easier than you think. 

Here are six tips for you to consider when planning your business card format and design.

6 Tips For A Successful Business Card

1. Think about the paper. Instead of the traditional card, why not use something heavier, and why not use a texture? The feel of the card in someone’s hand will leave an impression, especially when it’s different from the rest. Other people might notice it and want to examine it.

2. How about the shape and size? There is no reason to be traditional here. Opt for a unique shape or size that stands out from the rest. Just make sure your size is reasonable, so customers can tuck it into their pocket, purse, or wallet.

3. Leave enough space for a personal note. Nothing touches people more than a personal message you write just for them. It also helps them remember who you are.

4.  Include your most important contact information.  Beside your name, include an office phone number, cell phone number, and an email. Make it easy for your customers to select the method they feel most comfortable with when they want to contact you.

5. Avoid filling up all the space on your card. Too much content  will overwhelm anyone looking at it. When it’s difficult to sort out information, or the information is too hard to find, many people will give up and move on to someone else.

6. Your business card logo is an expression of your brand. It needs to agree with what your brand represents. It is critically important that your logo is a strong symbol that is in harmony with your brand. That will help to create a united impression in the mind of your customer. Remember Kleenex? 

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Looking for a qualified graphic design team to take on your business card design? The leaders at ADVAN Design are experts in all things creativity and marketing. We have more than two decades of experience helping customers succeed by showcasing their brands through business cards, websites, and more.

When you’re ready to partner with a qualified agency and get the business card of your dreams, give us a call.

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