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Whether you need to add a crane to your inventory for the long-term, or just need a crane for specific projects, it helps to have an honest seller you can trust when seeking cranes for sale. Cranes come in all shapes and sizes, and each crane type is catered to a different job site.

First and foremost, identify the crane that you need. Does the crane need to be transported? Will it be traveling over gravel or rocks?

If so, you want a crane that can move easily. If this is not important, maybe you want a crane that’s heavy enough to carry large loads that don’t need to move far distances.

It also helps to get an idea of the best brands when shopping for cranes for sale. Certain brands have their specialty when it comes to cranes, so do some research and keep a few brands in mind when shopping for cranes for sale.

Not sure where to get started? Let’s take a look at some commonly used cranes.

Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain cranes are ideal when you need to steer and travel on your job site. These cranes are engineered to traverse off-road locations that aren’t smooth or flat. Rough terrain cranes are designed with four large rubber tires to improve stability and maneuverability when you need it most. Most commonly, these cranes for sale are used when you have a job site that other cranes simply can’t reach or travel through.

Crawler Cranes

crawler cranes for saleUnlike rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes are not ideal if you need to travel far distances. These cranes can travel while carrying heavy loads, which makes them ideal when you have a lot of heavy lifting to do. However, they do move at slower speeds and cannot travel on soft soil, so you have to ensure you’re following the best safety practices for cranes.

These cranes are extremely heavy and cannot transport themselves between job sites, so keep that in mind when shopping crawler cranes for sale. If you do need to move this crane, you’ll need some extra equipment.

Carry Deck Cranes

Carry deck cranes can work on most job sites. If you need a compact crane that doesn’t take up tons of space, this is the crane for you. Carry deck cranes can maneuver in tight spaces and clear overhead obstacles at the same time. Not only this, but these cranes can also carry heavy materials at the same time. So not only can you fit through tight spaces, but you can also carry loads this way with a carry deck crane. If you’re seeking cranes for sale that have versatility on job sites, this might be the crane for you.

Boom Truck Cranes

Chances are, you’ve seen a boom truck crane before. Boom truck cranes are designed to lift workers to heights in order to complete construction work, like taking down trees or repairing electrical lines. These cranes also help workers lift heavier objects to an elevated location.

If you have a maintenance operation you’re looking to complete, this might be the crane for you. Boom truck cranes are often used in city operations given that they are ideal for power line maintenance and bridge construction. These cranes allow you to maintain safety and efficiency so you can finish the job.

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