A Way With Words is Important, But the Effective Marketing Writer Must Have More

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Words are powerful, and it’s easy to forget just how much of an impact we can make when we choose what to say or write. With our words, we can empower, educate and so much more. In particular, words have the power to affect action and change. In the context of writing for marketing, the tone of copy can make the difference between a surge in sales and a crushing loss.

How can a marketing writer make the maximum impact for his or her brand? Before typing the first word, a marketing writer must plan as carefully as possible. “Think before you speak,” was good advice as a child, and it’s the best policy for any marketing writer on a mission.

A marketing writer dedicates the time to research all he or she can about a brand, product or service. This involves getting to know a brand’s history, the purpose of the copy, customers’ pain points, a client’s competition along with other factors. When you take the time to research the issues and stakeholders at play, you can create truly impactful messaging, hit home with your audience and generate sales inquiries.

To provide the right value for the client, an effective writer must realize a company’s website is a brand’s most powerful digital marketing tool. Today’s marketing writers have to ensure correct optimization for all of a brand’s relevant search engine keywords. Strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will involve the creation of effective headlines and implementation of keyword research.

The reliable marketing writer must also go into every project with a commitment to the client’s success. With every post, optimization and edit, you work for the growth of your client brand.

What Makes GREAT Marketing?

When a marketing writer has the right mindset and the commitment to planning, putting the most effective copy together is all about clarity. Whether you’re selling the latest tech or pitching a trendy new coffee shop, you cannot make the right connections with consumers without the right marketing copy. It’s not enough for your copy to just be descriptive, it has to be compelling. It’s all about leading a consumer to take action.

Before your marketing copy can inspire any real reaction, it has to be clear and concise. If readers cannot understand what you have to say, then how can you expect them to take the right action?

While the goal for each marketing project can be different, a marketing writer should strive to grab the reader’s attention, shine a light on a struggle or need and communicate a solution and call to action.

How Can I Write Impactful Marketing Copy Even if I’m Not a Marketer?

You don’t need a marketing background to power your brand forward through your writing. How can you write content that sells? Even without a marketing background, you will go after your project with some degree of knowledge in a certain aspect of your field, such as technical issues, for example. You may find yourself thinking about including points relevant to that aspect, as that is what you know. However, you must be mindful that that aspect may not be directly relevant to your target audience and their needs. Be aware of what information is necessary and what information is not. As you sit down to write, you just need to be aware of how you can spark emotion and interest in your audience.

For example, aiming for a sense of exclusivity and empowerment can be especially effective when it comes to producing copy that leads to action. You can achieve this by discussing memberships or referring to a reader as one of a select few.

You can also make a message as compelling as possible by taking advantage of metaphors and other figurative language devices. This could involve evoking the calming effects of your client’s herbal tea blend or the confidence boost that could come with wearing a certain brand’s jacket.

A marketing writer should also strive to evoke a sense of urgency in a piece of copy. Leave your audience with little time to compare other choices. Using a phrase such as “limited time only,” or referencing the end of an offer can make often your readers concerned to miss out.

To bring it all together and provide your audience the clearest direction possible, you need a solid call to action. You need to tell your readers what to do and where to go. If you don’t tell them, then who will? Make your calls to action concise, direct and creative. While “Click Here,” may cut it some of the time, you need to take the time to customize your calls to action based on your goals for a piece of copy. For example, you could promote a discount and add a “Buy in Bulk and Save” button or lead the reader to an explanation with “Find Out More.”

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