Why Industrial Laundry Equipment and Concrete Production Industries Need Sioux Water Heaters

Sioux water heaterIndustries that depend on a specific system daily must have reliable products and providers. Without them, their entire process can come to a screeching halt. Industries like industrial laundry equipment and concrete productions rely on a constant supply of hot water each day. Without access to hot water, your business is losing valuable time and money.

One way to prevent your operations from stalling is to invest in Sioux water heaters. The industrial water heater provides a continuous supply of hot water without waiting on long preheating or recovery times. Sioux water heaters can rise 100°F in just 3-5 minutes and hold outlet temperatures at exact levels.

Sioux water heaters will increase your production’s uptime and productivity exponentially. And not only will they benefit you, but they also benefit the plant by reducing energy consumption and wastewater production. Check out the following reasons why your industrial laundry equipment or concrete production business needs Sioux water heaters.

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance

Some of the best features about Sioux water heaters are their easy installation, operation, and maintenance schedule. The entire water heater unit comes pre-wired and pre-plumbed, all you have to do is connect it to the designated utilities and you’re good to go! The entire installation process takes only a day compared to other systems that can take up to 2 weeks to install.

Operation is simple once your Sioux water heaters are installed. Water instantly pumps through a heated coil which is heated by an oil or gas burner. After you’ve started up the heater, you’ll have a continuous supply of hot water within just one minute of start-up. Other systems can take up to 3 hours! To control your new Sioux water heaters, just use the simple digital temperature control system.

When it comes time to choose a provider of Sioux water heaters, search for a company that will offer low maintenance costs. Valves can also be installed to remove excess build-ups of lime in the unit. As long as you keep an eye on the thermometers and pressure gauges, your industrial water heater will run smoothly. You can also breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all Sioux water heaters come with a 20-year reliability guarantee, so you can even purchase used Sioux water heaters!

Quality and Safety

Sioux water heater HM seriesNow that you know how easy it is for Sioux water heaters to be installed and start working for you, it’s time to learn about why they’re the best. The industrial water heater comes with high-quality gas burners with combustion chambers so weather can’t affect its performance. The burners also come with the Three-Pass Coil Design, the perfect alternative to other heat transfer methods.

All gas burners are built to ASME CSD-1 code to ensure maximum safety. Insulation sits below the external steel jacket for higher heating efficiency which reduces fuel consumption in the long run. There would be no point in purchasing Sioux water heaters if safety around the equipment couldn’t be guaranteed. But with the Sioux 20-Year Reliability Guarantee, you will be 100% sure that your industrial water heater will perform the best while working the best.

Steady Flow Ahead

Industrial machines are no joke; they’re used in high volumes every single day and expected to perform perfectly each time. Sioux water heaters have to live up to the same expectations, and after reading through the above reasons, you can feel confident that they will benefit your business. So whether you need industrial laundry equipment on concrete production equipment, rest assured, Sioux water heaters will be a safe, reliable, and efficient addition to your production. 

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