Step Into Your Writing Career Today

writer | entry level writing jobsIf your dream is to become a writer, you’ll do anything to prove to the world that good writers are needed everywhere. Many writers and those in the artistic industry know that the arts are typically the first thing to be cut in industries and institutions. What many people don’t realize is that writing is a crucial element of connecting and communicating with one another. Entry level writing jobs are the perfect way for you to get your foot in the door and gain writing experience.

Even the most technical jobs need writers to transform the complicated material into digestible content for outside organizations and consumers. Global companies need translated content re-written for multiple audiences. Everywhere you look, content writing is necessary to convey information. While you may not write an Ernest Hemingway-level novel right out of school, there are entry level writing jobs you can pursue to jumpstart your writing career.

Check out these 5 surprising entry level writing jobs that need writers today.

#1 Speechwriter

A speechwriter job might sound intense, but you wouldn’t be writing speeches for the President on your first day. Plenty of organizations, colleges, and companies need qualified speechwriters to create their speeches. Speechwriters are necessary to produce persuasive copy for policies, updates, or principles. Everyone can give a speech, but not everyone can give a good speech. A speechwriter’s job is to write content that will convey the institution’s message to a wide audience.

#2 Marketing Communications Specialist

While the marketing and literary communities don’t always mesh, marketing of any kind can be revitalized by a good writer. Similar to speech writing, marketing strategies revolve around persuasive communication between consumers or other companies. As a marketing communications specialist, you would create content to further your company’s marketing strategies through writing brochures, e-books, and press releases. You will oversee brand guidelines and that all content follows the company’s tone and voice.

#3 Journalist

Before you think of reporting, think of the behind-the-scenes work that journalism requires. Even if you work in TV, radio, or the Web, much of your job as a  journalist would consist of tracking down newsworthy information and converting it into articles, scripts, and podcasts. Strong writing skills are necessary to transcribe important and time-sensitive material into breaking-news articles. Many journalist entry level writing jobs start as general reporters but can evolve into reporting for a niche that interests you such as sports, arts, business, or science.

#4 Technical Writer

user guide image | entry level writing jobs There is a desperate need for technical writers across multiple industries. Technical writing is an entirely different breed of writing. Technical writers take complex technical jargon and turn it into readable and understandable copy. Technical copy can range from software manuals, user guides, technical specifications, and design instructions. You have to be skilled in finding the most important content from the technical jargon and find a way to convey what is being said. Many times, technical writers work with software developers, engineers, and other technical experts to outline what they need to be conveyed.

#5 Social Media Specialist

In today’s online driven world, social media is an important marketing tool just like any other traditional marketing strategy. When you have an active and maintained social media presence, you indicate to your customers or audience that your business is active and engaged.  As a writer for social media posts, you have to understand how to curate content to the demographics, character limits, and content style of each platform. Many businesses today use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Good writers know exactly how to tailor these messages correctly and make them fun and persuasive.

Where Can You Find Entry Level Writing Jobs?

If you know that you want to pursue a writing career and are ready to apply for entry level writing jobs, there are quite a few places you can look at job listings. Below are just a few of the online job post boards that advertise entry level writing jobs.

dream job sign | entry level writing jobsStarting a new career is never easy, but there are stepping stones you can follow to lead you to new opportunities. To become a writer in an already endless sea of writers seems daunting, but once you get your foot in the door with one of these entry level writing jobs or the countless others, you’re headed in the right direction.

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