Ah, the email inbox. Many people dread it, some are too scared to open it, and only a handful have a handle on it. Have you ever seen the person whose inbox has 2000+ unread emails? Like what the hell man. That would drive me insane, but thankfully there is a cure for this.

Better time management of your email can end up saving you hours a month, giving you more time to get ahead of schedule and keep important projects on track.

Matt D’Avella has published a YouTube video that covers the email management tips he uses to keep the chaos to a minimum. Controlled chaos if you want to call it that. Check it out!

Not Really a Hack, But it Works!

Not really a hack, but I’ve removed the Gmail app from my phone, so I don’t get distracted by the continuous influx of new email notifications.

If I want to check my email from my phone, then I have to open a browser, log into my Google account, and check my email. Having these extra steps in place prevents me from wasting time constantly checking emails on my phone which would then usually lead to scrolling through my social media feeds. Problem solved!

This forces me to check my email on my laptop, which is set up to be more of a controlled environment fostering focus and productivity.

get shit done with these email management tips


Better email management tips can help you keep your momentum going, focus on what’s important, and save you countless hours of time. Re-thinking your approach to how you manage your email and incorporating these productivity tips will save you hours every week.

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