Where Do Sidewalk Vault Lights Come From?

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If you live in a big city and do a lot of walking, you may have seen sidewalk vault lights before. Sidewalk vault lights are also called glass block pavement lights, or just vault lights. Essentially, these are glass shapes and squares installed into pavement or concrete that act as a skylight to the ground and space below.

Sidewalk vault lights have been around for decades, and were notably used in the famous Penn Station in New York City in the early 1900s. These glass block pavement lights were an ingenious invention because they could provide sustained light to a space without the use of a candle or lamp. Even after the development of electricity, sidewalk vault lights were still coveted due to their ability to conserve energy by utilizing natural sunlight.

Because glass sidewalk vault lights are no longer as popular, you may have reservations about this seemingly unconventional design. This begs the question: Are sidewalk vault lights safe?

The Utility of Glass Block Pavement Lights

The short answer is yes, sidewalk vault lights are safe. The glass blocks that are used to create this feature are thick and stable because they have to be. Even back in the 1800s and 1900s, architects knew that this style of light would have plenty of foot traffic, and needed to stay durable for the long term.

Per their name, glass block pavement lights are made from durable glass material that is engineered for this type of application. In addition to glass, you may also see modern sidewalk vault lights that are made from composite concrete or cast iron panels. This strategy is an additional way to achieve the historic look of pavement lights seen on old sidewalk vault style spaces. This type of vault light is also made from durable cast iron and concrete that can be customized with different finishes to achieve the desired look.

Sound Interesting? Consider Shopping For Vault Lights for Sale

Although sidewalk vault lights are a historic design feature, their popularity has stuck around. This is in part because of the safe design and materials, but it’s also because these glass block pavement lights let in natural light, which can elevate the aesthetics of a space.

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Nowadays, you’ll see sidewalk vault lights in a number of places. Clothing stores and boutiques, for example, use vault lights to add a historic design feature to their space. Museums can also utilize glass block pavement lights as a way to enhance the space and lean into the artistry.

But famous museums and designer stores aren’t the only places you’ll see a repurposing of sidewalk vault lights. If you are a homeowner who is looking for a way to enhance your design, consider shopping for vault lights for sale. You can use vault lights in your home for:

  • Stairways
  • Walkaways
  • Exterior claddings
  • Dining rooms

And so much more!

Where Do I Find Vault Lights For Sale?

If you’ve thought of a creative application for sidewalk vault lights in your home, then the next step is to look for vault lights for sale. There are quality architectural and glass block companies that manufacture vault lights made just for these types of projects. Do some research to find vault lights for sale that are affordable, and fit the style of your home.

Utilizing sidewalk vault lights in unconventional spaces is a great way to bring a historical design element into your home, office, or business. Find vault lights for sale, and get started today!

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