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Aerospace components must withstand constant and rapid motion, extreme temperatures and other stresses. For this reason, a company’s choice in an aerospace manufacturer is especially critical. Have you and your colleagues been planning to customize metal parts and looking for reliable stainless steel stamping manufacturers for aerospace applications? Twinsburg, Ohio’s own Wedge Products has served as a leading resource for metal fabrication across the aerospace and defense sectors for more than 80 years.

As stainless steel stamping manufacturers, the professionals from Wedge Products offer the ideal one-stop-shop. The company serves as a leading resource for premier deep draw stamping, progressive stamping, single-hit stamping and a complete range of secondary services. With this in mind, you can learn more about the Wedge Products team and available services by visiting the company website.

Work With the Right Stainless Steel Stamping Manufacturers and Get the Most Out of Your Project

When planning to customize metal components, your choice of metal stamping companies is critical. To benefit from the most cost-effective possible, you and your team need to dedicate some time to evaluate manufacturers for compatibility with your goals. See below to learn about just some of the most critical factors to consider when researching and comparing stainless steel stamping manufacturers.

You and your colleagues should consider a company’s specific compatibility with your industry. Specifically, you should confirm a team has any certifications necessary for your field. For example, the AS9100-D quality management system is widely standard across major aerospace manufacturers. Consulting online reviews can often be a helpful way to gauge how a team has helped other professionals in your field in the past.

Think about a manufacturer’s capacity for production. What equipment does the team have available? What are the turnaround times for orders of materials?

You should also consider a team’s communication practices. Can you connect with customer service or quality control representatives easily? Does the team respond in a reasonable amount of time to phone calls or emails, for example?

Of course, you will need to account for the costs that come with a partnership and a metal stamping project. However, you should remember the least expensive option is not always the most effective option.

Among stainless steel stamping manufacturers, Wedge Products truly leads the way. Connect with the manufacturing team from Wedge Products today to start moving forward with your next project.

Find Out How the Team From Wedge Products Could Help You

Trying to find the right stainless steel stamping manufacturers for your next project? You can feel confident in counting on Wedge Products Inc. The team has earned a particular reputation of excellence in metal stamping for aerospace companies. In fact, the team from Wedge Products takes great pride in manufacturing Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Black Hawk, Apache and C-130 components.

When it comes to aerospace manufacturing, accuracy is everything. Specifically, Wedge Products ensures uniformity and precision with an online quality assurance system and maintains more than 64 presses with capacities ranging from three to 400 tons.

Wedge Products provides quality finishes and custom packaging to ensure the reliability and security of all components. In all, companies across the aerospace sector choose Wedge Products when they need fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

The Wedge Products team functions under Mil-I-45208A and is certified to AS9100 Rev. D standards. With a 110,000 square foot facility and the capacity to fabricate a diverse range of materials to numerous thicknesses, the Wedge Products team can provide the right solution for nearly any project goal.

Above all, the manufacturing team from Wedge Products prioritizes customer satisfaction. If you need metal parts that can ensure both precision and safety, then connect with Wedge Products today. To take the next steps, simply visit Wedge Products today.

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