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Good search engine optimization (SEO) is key to your business’ online marketing strategy, and it takes top SEO professionals to get you there. Unfortunately, the industry is filled with many SEO companies who claim they can get you to number one, take your money and nothing happens – it’s a scam.

With Google, there is only one clear strategy that works: good content and good links. Google wants to remain everyone’s preferred search engine, and to do that, they have to deliver the best results for what the visitor is searching for. We can build in tags that say “hey, Google this is what this page is about,” but it really comes down to the content on the page – good content and lots of it.

This is where ADVAN Design web design in Akron is different. We are experts in writing what Google wants. We make our clients’ sites the “bible” on the topic/keyphrase you want to appear under. We then build quality links to your site from other sites that Google sees as referrals, making your site the authority on the subject.

Monthly SEO Packages from a Local SEO Company

Our Cleveland SEO services start at $300 a month. For $300 per month, we write two new pages for your site with the type of content Google LOVES! We focus on keyphrases that will gradually build the right traffic for your site. We also link into those pages as a referral to help push you up on Google.   Hire the best marketing agency near me to take you to the next level.

For $600 per month, you will get a bonus page; that is 5-pages of content with unique keyphrases added to your site each month.

Just contact our SEO professionals today and we’ll develop a strategy specific to your site and the customers you are targeting: (330) 688-1324 or click here to complete our form.

Why choose a Cleveland SEO agency? Today, Google is the number-one provider of new leads/customers to 90% of the businesses in America. Getting to the first page on Google requires a continuous focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and a high-level SEO/SEM strategy.

Designing a fabulous website is just not enough. Your website should be your #1 marketing tool and a lead generator for your business. We’ve helped hundreds of companies get to the first page of Google and reap the results. ADVAN Design marketing agency is one of the lowest priced SEO companies in Cleveland, Ohio and can provide a FREE analysis consultation of your website.

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