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MIL-SPEC Wire Companies

wire-companies-near-meWhen you know you are going to need MIL-spec wire, there cannot be any compromise. MIL-spec wire is built in accordance with military specifications. It is especially designed for the most physically demanding environments. Because of the specifications to which MIL-spec wire is manufactured, it is ideal for aerospace and other industries. MIL-spec wire can be manufactured out of several different alloys depending on the exact usage it is intended for, and the same holds true for gauges. It is important, when speaking with a manufacturing partner, to elucidate exactly what the finished product will need to withstand and be capable of. This will assist the manufacturer in producing exactly what you need the first time.

MIL-SPEC Wire and Aerospace

MIL-spec wire can be used for a wide variety of aerospace applications. Among these uses are interconnection cables, durable point-to-point wires, industrial cables, high-temperature lead wires, RF cables, and circuitry cables. These applications require the utmost reliability, which is why you not only need MIL-spec wire, but you also need MIL-spec wire manufactured by the most dependable of wire companies.

What You Need to Know About Manufacturing MIL-SPEC Wire

close up of stainless steel lock wireWhen you are looking for MIL-spec wire manufacturers, you need to evaluate what alloys and gauges will be most ideal for your project, and then determine what company will be able to meet your specifications. The most popular alloys for use in the aerospace industry are copper, Inconel, and Monel. Copper, of course, is ideal for electrical applications. Inconel is a nickel/chromium-based alloy and is used in the aerospace industry because it is corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant, two very important qualities in this demanding environment. Monel is a mixture of nickel with copper and smaller amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon.

If you need your wire manufactured from custom alloys, wire companies can also usually accommodate. The company only acquires its materials from domestic and NATO sources, you will always receive the exact wire products you need.

Gauge What You Need

Wire companies have different gauges of MIL-spec they are able to manufacture. If you use a wire company, you will be able to order MIL-spec wire in diameters of .020 to .051.

If you need MS20995O32 lock wire, that is something wire companies can manufacture for you. Lock wire (or safety wire) helps ensure the security and tightness of bolts and other fasteners.

Why Wire Companies

Where MIL-spec wire is concerned, wire companies can meet any specification you bring forward. Our expertise spans numerous industries in addition to Aerospace, including construction, automotive, agriculture, oil & gas, and more.